Ok. Just to know, how can someone ask for it?

I have a #blacklist channel on our Discord.

i have a question
and how can you tell if your on a blacklist and how do you get off it and why is there one and if anyone that may be a control freak and decides that some one did a post that they do not like so they blacklist them for just that . and or can a person that is blacklisted appeal ,why they should not be on blacklist , if not then the blacklist is nothing more than a control freak being a abusive bully trying to censor free speech

You can query the API if you want to see if someone is on the blacklist. Getting off depends on the blacklist. The blacklists mentioned have proven they are trustworthy resources for the community.

The blacklist prevents you from using bid bots and notifies other viewers you are on the list. It does not censor anyone, even if you are flagged, your post is still visible and easily viewed. No one can remove a post from the Steem platform, not even the author.

OK AND THANK YOU FOR YOUR ANSWER and where do i find the API thing you are talking about, also and please read my last post

Look up

Authors can delete posts and comments, if they have no votes or replies. (Of course, the post operation will still be on the blockchain)

They can delete posts, but the original transaction is still on the blockchain and can be found. Once a single upvote is on the post, they can't delete it.

There is no formal process to appeal to get removed from the blacklists. I am cleared by steemcleaners but I am continuing on builawhale

Ok. Thanks 👍