Black Panther Review!

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One of the finest Marvel movie till date. No frills, simple Wakandan internal plot line with slick action sequences. The background score is different and goes well with the setting. The humour is absolute minimum and that's how it should be unlike the overdose of it in Ragnarok. The technology prowess that Wakanda possess is out of the world and you will go wow everytime. Be it the augmented reality tech or weapons or suits with kinetic energy. They are drool worthy. It was really amazing to see how developed Wakanda really was and yet they are grounded and deeply rooted in their traditions. I don't know much about the culture of African Tribes, but what they showed seemed very amazing and believable.

The traditional combat ritual for the throne is a treat we get to watch twice. Marvel movies as usual suffer from the Villain Deficiency Syndrome, as I like to call it and Black Panther is nothing different. Michael Jordan as Killmonger doesn't get the character development required for the villain. Andy Serkins as Klaw is phenomenal but gets little screen time, again. Chadwick Boseman as T'Challa portrays his role with honesty. He may not be as flashy as Tony Stark but is certainly more grounded and a solemn character. Danai Gurira as Okoye, Wakandan General was kickass. Would have loved to see more of her.

This movie in hindsight might not seem important to the development of the MCU, but Wakanda in the end came out of its hiding and will now share its science and technology with the rest of the world. Which is a huge development in the shared universe. Vibranium will change the world scenes completely.
Go watch this, you cannot miss this Wakandan adventure.

P.S don't miss the easter eggs and a mid and a post credit scene.

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