Blazar year 3 is near!

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Would like to start off by saying so far its been just amazing being part of the Blazar Force and its our members like you that make this so enjoyable. I am so hopeful for the future and for the end of the early era! Oct. 18th 2020 was the date I deployed the BzB token from blazarforce.eth and began this journey! It was a bit rocky at first being the only member and trying to do the dev work, social outreach, and stay active in the games I had grown to love. But I was adamant on not taking peoples funds or raising any capital because I wanted to build it how I wanted and not feel like I took advantage of others or I became a worker to members becoming all bosses. While growth may have been slow in the perspective of some, I personally think its been great for a casual guild, we have many members to provide help and are skilled in may blockchain games or actions(like buying/selling nfts and tokens) and we have steadily rewarded 1300 bzb a week or more to members for many months!

So to celebrate this growth and momentous occasion Blazar Force will be making some updates and throwing an array of events near the 18th of oct. and everyone is invited old members or brand new!

  1. After 2 years we finally believe people have had enough time to gather BzB votes for free and from now on members can just earn them via events or staking! This should end BzB inflation almost completely. New benefits for holding BzB will be announced!

  2. After having paid out so many rewards for gaming we wouldn't just suddenly stop! After the end of BzB rewards we will just have to pay out weekly rewards in our BBY token!

  3. Speaking of BBY make sure you join this airdrop

  • We will be hosting lots of gaming tournaments with lots of rewards!

  • Announcing new NFT utility!

  • An art competition to create the BBY official logo!

  • A AMA in our discord channel top 5 entries for questions will receive answers and prizes

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    Wooot, this is all new to me. What is blazarforce.eth ?

    Hi thanks for asking, Blazar Force is a cross chain gaming guild that has been operating for close to 2 years now! We run and support esports tournaments traditional and web3. The goal is create a guild that covers the reaches of web3 gaming so we can all benefit from each others help. We have our own token and nft that could be earned by helping or hanging out. No money was raised so far and members are based all over the world! and to answer the specific question blazarforce.eth is the ens nft we acquired to run our guild under