thats sweet haha making moves.. I got a new phone and don't have your number anymore shoot me a text when you get a chance

WOAH are you Asian???? NICE!
hahaha just kiding but you do have a little bit of that Ghengis Khan look in your eyes!

hey I upvoted all your posts bro! Good to see you making $150 Posts about proposing Steemit Fight club and other great ideas!

i'm here bro let's roll

nice savings number you have lol all 3's

great job

Haha nice Shirt

Nice friend :)

wow..beautiful t shirt,i like it

Cool shirt, the more we advertise the bigger it gets

yh it's ver very cool

hell yeah! AdeptCoin!

I hve a few adept coins already!

@adept do you know the website to check for our adept coin balances? And i cannot wait to hear your new ideas for adeptcoin SMT I am confident than if we can bet on your rise as a steem whale we will make a lot of money with you! investing in human capital and betting on rising stars is gonna be a HUGE industry! King making, talent scouting for steem!

owo really amazing @adept thanks to shere

Pretty nice!

I dig it, nicely done sir

yh it was nicely done

Wow you are taking steem to the next level loved it :D

yh that's true that's a real work nice!!!

Looking really cool its fantastico

wow that's fantastico !!!!

Earth is Flat BROTHER. You and your wallet make me think you might be a smart dude. Can I pay you 5 sbd to watch a 2 hour documentary called History of Flat Earth by Eric Dubay??? I would wager you have some influence in this community, please watch. Thanks, oh and I LOVE it here at, I am a refugee from twitter and facebook. I was tired of being CENSORED, so WHY would they censor a NUTBALL? hmmmmmmm...PEACE

Killing it kid..

he is really killing it

I get my new steemit shirts on thursday and resteemed your post!

hey, my friend this tşirt is great :)