Peerplays bitcoinsig witness update and roadmap 6/11/2017

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Current Updates

I'm writing here to inform the community that I now have setup 3 servers thus far. I have all 3 in California USA at major data centers with good connections to the major area exchanges. There is one in silicon valley and 2 in southern California. All three can be quickly turned into a witness if there is a failure. Additionally I have setup a seed node at, which I will be adding to the github list of seed nodes. I am also currently coding a peerplays block explorer site, which will be hopefully released by next week.

Future Roadmap Plans

Q3 ~ Q4 2017

I have drafted plans for future expansion of my witnessing to include a full fledged incorporated business which sole purpose will be as a real world reporting company for peerplays. This means I will be leasing office space and hiring a full time 24/7 staff to report real world data to the network. This is where the pay of blocks I am able to make will go, into maintaining this infrastructure. I plan to mainly focus on reporting real world outcomes for horse racing, politics, and sports. I will add other reporting services as they are needed by the community, and I will be reporting special events by request.

Q4 2017 ~ Q1 2018

Looking farther out on down the road, I have meetings this week to discuss setting up a corporation in the Cayman Islands or possibly another business friendly jurisdiction. Depending on what my legal counsel advises, I will be setting up a gateway for the peerplays blockchain using the domain. Additionally this Cayman's entity may also provide a dapp for betting on something not yet decided. A lot of what happens will depend on what my legal team comes back to me with.

If you are interested in providing this type of functionality to the network, the only way that I can offer this service is with your votes of support. So please consider voting for bitcoinsig in your new GUI wallet. I have include a few pictures to help you

Dont forget to hit that publish button after making changes!

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Congratulation for making it. More projects are building up on the same protocol. Make sure you follow this projects on steemit : @Busy, @Zappl, @Steepshot, @SteemQ, @Chainbb and more...Upvoted and Steem On

Great one, dude! And thanks for helping out yesterday. I will keep voting for you whenever I possibly can.

Great things are in the works, glad we are connected!

I thought the same thing