LOL "Blockchain hoppers" Dlive jumps ship back to Steemit

in #blockchain3 years ago

Online video streaming platform Dlive jumps back to Steemit again, after ditching the platform and also (shitting on it) in 2018.

It's pretty obvious what is happening - they are out of money.

After losing PewDiePie to Youtube this year, it's clear that not enough traction has been made.

One clear lesson here is that "chasing the money" doesn't always work if you have no morals.



Finally! Something useful to do with my old STEEM.
Turn it into Lemons and throw it around on DLive...

They didn't even manage to make a blockchain. That's what happens when kids raise 20 million.

Those were different kids.

Are you sure it wasn’t Justin who told them to go to Steem because Steem is more “community” and active than TRX? And doesn’t have a streaming platform anymore.