CBNT AMA: What Will We Do In the Next Step?

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This is the first AMA after CBNT listed on BiBox Exchange. Reg Zhang, COO of CBNT, and Trenton Cream, advisor of CBNT, will give their answers for these questions. We have collected the most concerned questions from our users, and they are in the following four aspects:

I: CBNT ecosystem/scenario

II: CBNT mechanism and functions

III: Lockup and Ad revenue

IV: Value management and exchange

CBNT Ecosystem:

When will the CBNT use-case scenarios be available? Any plans or updates for the CBNT project? Can we shop at the CBNT Mall?
We plan to launch most of the scenarios at Q3. These functions include the ads bidding system, paid knowledge, shopping, community autonomy, and dividend mechanism. Currently, the decentralized ads bidding system is live and we can talk in a little bit more detail.

CBNT is a decentralized content sharing platform; we adopted the creative ads bidding model which ensures the transparency of information. Ads publishers can know each other’s price, and writers and readers can clearly understand their return from ads.

We insist on decentralization, and the majority of the functions are designed with this concept. This may be complicated to some users, but we believe it’s the current trend.

Reggie, COO

Will CBNT have any plans for the B2B industry?

CBNT is a decentralized community, and more functions will be added in the future. We will give back the community rights to CBNT members; as long as the cooperation is helpful to the project and gets support from the community, we will try. It’s not limited to a specific industry.

Reggie, COO

Will there be a future ambassador from each country to expand the campaign?

We believe that CBNT will be a truly international project. With the project being decentralized, there will be no boundaries. We would like to see the community come together and have ambassadors from all over. The rewards mechanism can also be decided by the community in the future. We want the community and ambassadors to be able to see real benefits.

We have had such plans since the beginning of the project. We have a website now that we will continually improve and optimize along with the ecosystem scenario.

The ads system will also be launched later on the website in the future. This includes Google ads, allowing users to enjoy the ad revenue.

We will try some creative applications on the CBNT website, but it will be also based on the attitude to cryptocurrency from each country and area.

Reggie, COO

CBNT Mechanism and Function:

Any reward for the contribution of the genuine verified writers?
Genuine writers, as the early participants of the project, have already gained a pretty high token reward and financial reward after the BIBOX listing. For these reasons, there are no more extra or special rewards for them. However, CBNT is an open and transparent community, users have the right to propose, vote, and decide whether it’s needed to reward genuine contributors.

Reggie, COO

Will the recommendation algorithm be launched later, and how to protect the rights of original writers, and their content ranking in HOT?

We are working on the algorithm, and will also give more chances to display original and high-quality content. Users can vote whether the content is original.

Reggie, COO

30% of donation will be destroyed, and it’s a bit high, any plans in the future to reduce it?

Once the community autonomy function is launched, we will gradually achieve decentralization and transfer the community rights to users. Such policies can be proposed and voted by users.

Reggie, COO

On which aspects will the cooperation between CBNT and Oath be? Why with Oath and when it can be launched?

We will work with Oath on decentralized community management. This will deal with things like proposals, voting, and the process to behaviors that the community will benefit from.

We share the same ideals of authentic decentralization, and this is the basis of our cooperation.

We are working on the cooperation, and it’s planned to be launched at Q3.

Reggie, COO

Will it be added in the future to make bitcoin and ethereum or other deposits?

CBNT is a decentralized wallet, and we are working with some top wallet providers. We hope we can provide a better wallet experience to our users and also support the deposits of BTC, EOS and other digital assets.

Reggie, COO

Lockup and Dividend:

Why should the CBNT token’s release be related to ad revenue; will the rules change in the future?
About the release policy, we also have considered the suggestions of representatives with the following considerations:

The current policy can organize all participants of CBNT to promote the healthy development of the project.

The increase of the CBNT token price and ad revenue can boost the release of token and form a positive cycle among users and ads publishers.

While in the future, CBNT users can propose and vote for the release policy.

Reggie, COO

How to maintain a stable increase in ad revenue?

CBNT is a decentralized project, and the growth of ad revenue is related to our users. It needs effort from the community as a whole. We are also planning the ad recommendation system. All users can recommend ads and gain more ad revenue.

If you are a viewer surfing on CBNT and click the ad of a good or service that you want to buy, you can also place an order. No matter it’s you clicking the ad or you placing an order, all the revenue will be converted to the CaiBao Room and returned to all CBNT participants, including you.

If you are a content generator, please post more high-quality and original content, and share to your friends on other platforms. The soul of CBNT is to meet the needs of users for high-quality news and information, bringing more traffic to CBNT and attracting advertisers.

If you are an advertiser, please promote your products and services on CBNT. Here we have accurate traffic and real users; the win-win mechanism and tokenomic model will make sure a strong ROI for your advertising on CBNT.

Reggie, COO

As CBNT adopts the revenue-related release mechanism in a decentralized way, how to incentive users and get the token released in huge volume?

Decentralization means less control from the team, and all the participants will be the owners and decision-makers. We hope this model can incentive users’ initiatives, and creativity, and thus realize the boost of users, ads revenue, and finally the huge release of CBNT.

Reggie, COO

Value management and Exchange

How will you maintain the CBNT value?
Value management is a centralized operation, and that’s not what we want. From the first day of setting up CBNT, we hold the thoughts to develop the community with the efforts of CBNT participants, including the token price.

Reggie, COO

The token price on Bibox is stable, will there be a bump in the future? Will CBNT be listed on Huobi or other popular exchanges?

We keep in contact with exchanges, and please wait for the official announcement if we have any listings in the future.

Reggie, COO

Will you rise up the CBNT price?

Similar to question 1, value management is a centralized operation, and that’s not what we want. From the first day of CBNT setup, we hold the thoughts to develop the community with the efforts of CBNT participants, including the token price.

Reggie, COO

The token price on Bibox is stable, will there be a bump in the future? will CBNT be listed on Huobi or other popular exchanges?

I wonder if the question provider has had real benefits from other projects that have been pumped up before. This token economy has its own financial feature, and lots projects need private investment and ICO to raise enough money to start the project; some even tell their investors how much they will pump up the price. This is pure manipulation, and you should be careful with such projects. We emphasize the true decentralization of CBNT, and the price will be decided by the market. We will not manipulate the market like most blockchain projects.

Reggie, COO

Will it be added in the future to make bitcoin and Ethereum or other deposits?

I believe it will make it easier for people to share tips with all users to be more active.

We currently do have plans to enable Ethereum and Bitcoin deposits. Although CBNT is the main medium of exchange on the platform, we do see the benefits of adding other major cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin and Ethereum are two of the most accepted cryptocurrencies. We believe that the community can greatly benefit as a whole if users are able to send and receive tips in this medium.

Trenton, Advisor

I see the work system here interesting but maybe it’s better to make an exchange on the CBNT site?

This has been done Steemit and we are thinking about trying it. Steemit is much more mature and their model is a little bit different than ours, so we will need to determine the true benefits. This is, of course, something that can be decided by the community as a whole in the future. As the CBNT website becomes more and more mature, the CBNT community can come together to decide if this is something that will be of great benefit.

Trenton, Advisor

Are there plans to add CBNT to the IDEX exchange site?

We are currently in contact with them, but we cannot release any more details until we have confirmation.

Trenton, Advisor

Why not set 10% for dividend withdrawals for all users?

I think 1% is very little?

This goes against our new release mechanism. We believe that the tokens should be released as the project develops. Naturally, as the project develops and there is more ad revenue generated, the number of tokens released each month will go up. We believe that arbitrarily setting the release percentage high, for the sole reason of getting tokens out, will not be advantageous to the community. As CBNT grows and matures, please know that the % released each month will grow too.

Reggie, COO

How many trading sites will be added in the future for CBNT?

The number of sites that CBNT will trade on will largely be determined by the community. Along with the initial exchange listing, the community will have the power to help get CBNT on other exchanges. This is where communities like CBNT can thrive when the community can come together and do things like joining voting competitions to get listed. Many of the most famous projects get listed this way.

Trenton Creamer

Wish you have a deep understanding of CBNT from the above answers, and understand why we have such plans, and also wish you can get what you want from CBNT, whether it’s free to post your ideas and thoughts, or the financial returns from this community, enjoy~

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