CBNT is about to list on the Singapore SFEX exchange (the first USDT transaction pair)

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Dear CBNT community,
Thank you for your continued attention and support to the CBNT community!

CBNT will list on the Singapore SFEX Capital Exchange on July 2, 2019, at 16:00 with the CBNT/USDT trading pair, and will open trading at 16:00. Deposits will open on at 4 PM on July 1st.

At the same time, during the trading period, we will carry out the “How much to buy and how many” promotion. Please see more details at the end of the text

SFEX exchange registration, trading strategy, and introduction: see the end of the article

The SFEX (SF Exchange) is registered in Singapore and has a global professional operations team. It has established branches in Singapore, Taiwan, and Canada. Based on abundant resources and technical resources, it is committed to becoming a global leader for global trading. We will provide chain reform, incubation, and currency services for the project on the principles of openness and transparency and will explore the inherent core values of each principle.

SFEX website address:
CBNT registration code: 1OV
SFEX website QR code:

CBNT Community,
July 1, 2019

The SFEX exchange "how much to buy" transaction promotional activities:

(1) Activity time: July 2, 2019 - July 9, 2019

(2) Activity reward: gift CBNT

(3) Details of the event: How much is bought, according to the amount of the net amount of the account after the user buys and sells the CBNT token during the activity time. The time is limited to midnight on July 9, 2019.

From the first place to the third place, the net holding amount is calculated;

For example, the first user has a net currency of 1 million CBNT, delivery of 1 million and so on;

From the fourth to the tenth, 60% of the net currency is sent;

For example, the fourth user has a net currency of CBNT of 500,000, 300,000 CBNTs, and so on;

From the eleventh to the twentieth, 30% of the net currency is sent;

For example, the eleventh user has a net currency of 100,000 CBNTs, 30,000 CBNTs, and so on;

Second, SFEX exchange registration, trading strategy, & introduction:

One: registration
Sign up on the official website homepage at or scan the QR code

Enter the official website of SF to register your email or mobile phone number;

Two: top-up transactions
(1) Enter the URL to enter the SF official website to register and log in.

(2) First click on “Currency Trading”, select the trading pair that needs to be traded, and click on it to enter the trading page of this trading pair.

(3) If you have not deposited yet, click on Asset Management, select the required currency for the transaction, click on the recharge, and refill the required number of transactions.

(4) After completing the deposit, return to the trading page, and then you can choose the limit/market price transaction according to your needs. The so-called limit price transaction is a pending order transaction. You can set the purchase/sell price yourself, and wait for the market price to fluctuate to the price you set.

(5) The so-called market price transaction means not buying the purchase price, buying or selling according to the current market price, just input the quantity you want to buy or the total amount of the sale.

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Official website: