CHAINWISE Group announces new development in consensus protocols

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As of today, CHAINWISE Group is officially announcing the development of a new Consensus Protocol for Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLTs) and inter-chain consensus called “Proof-of-Clash”, or PoC.

It’s better. Than anything you know. Period.

Let’s be real. Aren’t we all tired of the ongoing disputes about which blockchain has the better tech, the better consensus, the better community…? We, for one, are fed up with all the opinionated, mouthy debates out there. All bark and no bite, right? We’re fixing that.

Our new protocol is designed to enhance or replace pretty much all existing consensus protocols like Proof-of-Work (PoW, as in Bitcoin or Ethereum) or Proof-of-Stake (PoS, as in Cardano or Ethereum 2.0) as it is a faster, more lightweight and more secure protocol to establish consensus and guarantee finality of transactions, especially in blockchains. The most revolutionary aspect of PoC is, however, that PoC has been specifically designed to establish consensus in cross-chain and inter-chain communication. The design is so flexible that it allows to combine arbitrary, seemingly incompatible blockchains and establish consensus on which one is the best. Finally, no more ranting and brawling because in good ol' DLT fashion the competition will be straightened out on-chain.

The PoC white paper, as well as additional in-depth information, can be found at

First implementation nearing completion, not just a white paper

While the design and simulation of the protocol is nearing its last steps, we push the implementation of the reference software and the publication of the open-source code rapidly. The first implementation of Proof-of-Clash will be our very own, but certainly truly decentralized Clash Chain, of which we plan to release the public test net this summer. Find more information about Clash Chain at

Adoption drives innovation

At present, our Business Developers are working day and night to secure partnerships. As soon as we can officially make major announcements with industry partners, you will be the first ones to learn about it; but rest assured: We got them all. You name it, we have it.

In the meantime, we’ve teamed with our friends from DNABlock, Los Angeles, to bring to you the first application on Clash Chain that will unleash the potential of Proof-of-Clash . After eternal brainstormings and discussions regarding the best name for the first Clash Chain application, we're proud to announce: Chain Clash! If you’ve ever wondered how the individual blockchains and their native currencies compare to one another, visit the Chain Clash website to subscribe to our newsletter and check back regularly for updates. Trust us, it’s gonna be huge.

We’re super excited about our newest developments - we hope you’re too, so stay tuned and keep clashing!

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It sounds like a great project..!!

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An interesting project indeed. If owners of the project convince people PoC will reach its target. Thank you for this valuable post

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Look a joke, but great job, love it.

Thanks a lot!

Looks like this is a joke...but a good one!

We're currently not planning an ICO, but in case we do, we'll let you know.

Keep us updated! will follow you guys on your social media for follow-up on the project.

The mining is when one clan is clashing against another?
I need more technical information.

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There will be a kind of mining and yes, this will be based on clans clashing against one another. We'll be able to publish more details on that very soon, so join our Discord or sign up for our newsletter to not miss out on those.

Finally, the blockchain trilemma is solved. Congrats to the team!

we have always supported the innovators, we think their project looks promising, especially if they manage to unite in perfect combination the communication between chain and chains. I hope you succeed for the good of all.

You should checkout your double opt-in mail on the newsletter. Got rejected with 16 from 15 points with a standard rspamd configuration. The most weighted issue is that you are stored in the fuzzy hash database of


Thanks for pointing this out. We'll check!

You should allow different coins to send among each other while it mines coins simultaneously

Thanks for your input. We're looking into various options for multiple coins, but it will take a little bit of time.

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That sounds awesome! The last time I had this feeling I felt like...

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Haha, thanks! Exactly where we wanted to go :-D

I guess this is the same with Cosmos or the upcoming polkadot?

In a way, maybe, but actually it's entirely different than either one of them.

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How can i invest. It a nice platform ... i love it . Keep me posted

We currently don't offer investments, but we'll let everyone know in case we should decide to do so.

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Thanks for the post.