Warning! OpenLedger & GenEOS Scam Alert. Fraudulent Activity Detected!

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Hey guys! I’m an early adopter and a very disappointed Openledger investor. You know it’s a small exchange working on Bitshares blockchain. And it’s their exact copycat. I personally was investing approx. $20K in their shitty coins (Obits, ICOO etc. ) which now have almost zero liquidity. I can’t even sell them at a huge loss.


In short. A year ago Ronny Boesing, a self-titled Danish Bitcoin pioneer and CEO of Openledger has announced the launches of 4 new projects, namely: Ocash, Apptrade, Getgame and Edev promising the bright future of each. Since then and until now none of these projects is live, all are dead, 2 websites are even closed. Constantly asking about their current status I only receive lame excuses from Mr Boesing. Month by month, only poor excuses and nothing more. Here is what a cheated investor wrote about this case:


See original here: https://www.forexbrokerz.com/brokers/openledger-review

It’s clear to everyone they have been using their own funds to raise thresholds on all those crappy projects. There were no any Chinese investors, all things are completely made-up, all their statements are fully fabricated. Now their own tokens fell in price dramatically, their exchange daily trading volume is in deepest decline, dropped from $2–3M per day to tiny $100–300K.

All investors asking about the named projects on their Telegram group (now closed) are called spammers and trolls spreading fud. They all have been barred from the group.

The case. I recently noticed their announcement they become a partner with Nexgen One LLC - Nextgen.one. And OL calls itself the project adviser, see here: Geneos.io

Glancing over the partner’s page (nextgen.one) I quickly noticed a forgery. The phone numbers, member profiles, social networks are faked. Searching over the brand name on the web brought nothing. The company simply does not exist. Pure scam! Well, I started asking questions on their Telegram group about the project, and guess what? I got barred from the group as many others. Here are some excerpts from our correspondence:







Have you seen this? I was just trying to conduct my own due diligence asking crucial questions and what is the outcome? I was banned.

Moving forward. So what we currently have: no company existence, no real people behind the project, no social networks attached, no real contact info, nothing! The domain name Nextgen.io has registered just a month ago, even 2 months later than ICO on Geneos.io has started!

Domain Nextgen.one registered: 2018–06–14
Domain Geneos.io registered: 2018–03–28

The blockchain 4.0 they are trying to exalt is the exact copy of EOS blockchain, look at the FAQ section! Hey guys, this is the REAL SCAM!

I’m now doing the proper paperwork and the documents will be submitted to US SEC, FINRA, cyber police and other authority institutes. Obviously, the Openledger now in dire need of money. Recently they have also experienced a domain hijack (as they say so) and lots of users have lost the unnamed sum of money. The OpenLedger tries to keep it secret and is now playing for time with the deceived investors. Why knows, maybe they did the hijack on their own? It seems so.

All questions about compromised accounts and stolen funds are simply wiped out with no responses on the OL end! People keep asking about the lost coins but all requests end up being removed from the chat immediately. That’s more they now closed the group and opened a Telegram channel, so now nobody is able to ask crucial questions about their current and upcoming fraudulent projects.

Below you may see how investors are disappointed by OL:







The bottom line is nobody will ever invest in their own crappy projects. As they lost trust nobody will fund the above-mentioned projects since they are their own ones. They are trying to hide who behind the projects is, but it’s clear as the day: they are running both sites.

So the foreseeable prospect is: they are going to collect all the Geneos ICO’s money and as they are only so-called advisers they will be trying to disclaim responsibility. All investor’s funds will go down the drain.

I’m already a cheated investor and now want to warn the others: do your own due diligence prior to investing in such kind of shitty coins. And by no way do not invest in Openledger and in all their affiliated crappy projects. Mark my words: you will lose your money like me and thousands of others! My intention is not to seek my investment back but those who are entitled to it and to help future victims as well.

The OL dev team (the company named Aetsoft led by Nick Grebenkine) is amateurish and non-professional, constantly receiving tons of negative feedback from frustrated users. And it’s clear the Nextgen.one and Geneos.io are their own new projects.

They can’t even develop a website so that it looks natural! Just take a look at this page: https://nextgen.one/team-profile/


Funny, right? Default info, default contacts, fake people. Aetsoft and Openledger can’t even set up a real-looking website.. But they are aiming to collect your funds, guys! BTW, on the picture above is Alexander Landa, initially when clicking on his profile on the main page one could see this info. And this page still exists.

Further, after some research on the web I found out Ronny Boesing is only a frontman of Openledger, the real owner seems to be Nikolai Grebenkine so please be warned as all their companies may be closed anytime and new ones will come on, yet the people behind them will remain the same. They were also running CCEDK exchange (renamed to Openledger) which had also been labelled as a scam. They stole user’s funds as well. See some users’ feedbacks here:


Moving forward, for those who have already been scammed out by Openledger and CCEDK and have lost money be sure to fill in a complaint on the below sites. You can report online fraud via the internet anonymously. For example, the FTC has a nice form. Even if they ask it, you DON’T HAVE TO DISCLOSE YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION.


In short folks, Geneos.io is a project designed to get people to sign up, hand over money, start delaying the withdrawals of funds and not deploying the project launch for as long as possible before disappearing with the money. You’d better go with your own due diligence. It won’t take long to detect stinky fish. The bad news is that during the ICO GenEos has already managed to attract a few hundreds of ETH in investments with their marketing campaign. Good news is there is still time to stop it. Or at least spread the news, and catch the scammers red-handed.

I hope you stay well clear of Geneos, Nextgen and ALL other Openledger projects no matter their own ones or where they are involved in as developers or advisers! The sole purpose of Openledger ApS., Aetsoft and all the people behind them is to take your money away from you. Remember: if no thresholds on their shitty ICOs are reached — another “Chinese investors” will appear, no funds will be returned to investors and everybody will lose their monies like many others lost.

Be careful guys! I usually never ask for sharing, however, I would appreciate it, in this case, to help get the word out to stay clear of Openleger, GenEos and Aetsoft and all the people behind them.

Take care!



thanks you soo much.they scamed not only with you.many people already scamed by this cheater.people who want invest i suggest them before invest on their project please check their past.they are scamer.

We strongly believe that your comment as well as the main post have been written to compromise OpenLedger reputation and there is no legal or factual background behind it. Our financial unit has checked point-by-point all the accusation stated in the post, and we can say for sure that none of the investors has ever invested the amount of $20K.
If you believe that you or someone you know has been scammed, please give real examples and provide evidences of such circumstances. You may do it either publically or privatelly to us, it is solely up to you. Otherwise please do not misinform other users and spread false accusations.

OpenLedger team

I think the topic starter meant they were investing in several tokens, it states clearly in the top of the article. Not a lump sum of $20K, so please do not distort the message. Besides, I agree you will never get Geneos off the ground for several reasons, yet it's a different story.

Openledger/Ronny Boesing: Why don't you provide the escrow contract for Blockpay? Your dealings are shady.

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Really confusing article


We, OpenLedger team, strive to deliver best services to our users and partners and cannot allow such a great strike to our reputation go unnoticed.

You have made very serious claims about our company while hiding your identity by virtue of anonymity privilege. We therefore believe that this article is completely fabricated with a lucrative purpose of harming our reputation. And given the complete falseness of your statements, we regard it as a clear act of defamation, which is recognized as tort by most laws.

We expect that other teams that you have expressly mentioned in your post will also react to these accusations. On our behalf, we intend to answer to all arguments you have made in order to prove our dedication to providing better services. In the nearest time we intend to publish detailed answers to all statements contained in this post.

We would like to personally deal with this situation in a professional manner. We would kindly ask you to write to us and provide your personal details at the following e-mail address: [email protected], so that we can discuss the factual substance of your statements.

I'm also an Openledger victim and a cheated investor. Knowing your style of handling user requests I want to say you're not going to deal with this situation in a professional manner. The only purpose is to hide your fraud by trying not to talk publicly. All scammers try to act this way.

totally agree. they closed all public chats and ol t-channel where people can discuss. they keep replying people's questions enforcing them to get answers privately via their email. dishonest technique.

Dear hridoy1,
We regret to see that you are using general language and do not give real examples of the abuse on our part. This way you are misleading other users that see your comment but are unaware of the circumstances. Therefore, we would kindly ask you to provide your contact data and/or evidences of entering into communication with us and failing to get necessary support. We suggest you posted it publicly, for instance in this comment section. Or in case you’d rather not disclose the situation, you can contact us at [email protected] and we shall deal with it in a transparent professional manner.
OpenLedger team

Hello Openledger team. Even a slight project misrepresentation is considered as a fraudulence in most laws, you know? But the geneos and nextgen in particular are completely faked. Hell no, let's make this thread the only honest channel as you've closed all other chats and groups where people could speak out. The more we talk, the more people will gain awareness about this fraud.

Hey OL guys and gals! It's not a general accusation, can't you see it? Sure you can. It is a direct indication on your GenEOS/NextGen scams. No doubt, those are your own projects, and you are scammers. You, not the post author are misleading people. And you will be completely responsible for your outrageous fraud. I will try to spread this further so more people know about the Openledger scam

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Tsk tsk.

And to think nobody took heed a year ago.

Thank you for sharing this valuable info. I found this thread on the web by searching for info about GenEOS. Thank God I found it. My money is safe now! I personally won't be taken any actions against people behind those projects but for the investors who have already invested, I'd recommend filing complaints to the authorities asap

Guys, you'd better take your website nextgen.one down. Made a quick scan and I can say it's just a cobbled-together forgery. All info is faked. Shame on you, guys! If I were you I'd send users funds back until it's too late. It all smells of jail.


We are ready to discuss publicly and to respond publicly for each question regarding our projects. However, we will not and cannot respond to accusations from anonymous that do not provide any details of themselves as well as transaction details.

If you’d like to privately share your details and provide any evidence you can contact us by email: [email protected], skype, telegram, or even send us your claim or request by paper mail to OpenLedger ApS, Copenhagen Fintech Lab, Applebys Plads 7, 1411 Copenhagen, Denmark. We will carefully investigate each requested matter.

We have never hided and are always ready to discuss with you your concerns, the only that we require is to know who we are talking with, nothing else.

However, the only thing we see here in this thread is a general scam attack on our company by an entity that is both misleading other users with general accusation and paying other accounts to imitate public support from the community.

In comments we see similar content and blunt general accusations. We also notice that these comments are being upvoted by users, or botnets, that accept money for upvotes.


OpenLedger Legal Team

So it seems no plain answers on nexgen/geneos scams will be given. Only a pack of lies again. Well, we know at least several people who have already submitted their letters of complaints about your projects to the appropriate authorities. It may take time for the cyber police, SEC, Interpol etc. to respond back so please be patient

Dear Openledger, this way we're treading water. I follow this thread and still cannot see any definite answers about Geneos and Nextgen projects. You're trying to accuse people here (I suppose this way you acting all the time) BUT no any concrete explanation why those projects are still live. It's clear both are pure scam. The post is about the current scam, not about your past frauds, please explain in detail the part that applies to nextgen in particular. Fake people, fake company, fake addresses, fake phones, all this fabrication. Thanks.


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nice article man! soon more info to come about closedledger. we need to unite to fight against them

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