First post

I am here and now I will blog here. I am a blockchain developer and decentralization evangelist. I am also a cyber ~ Evangelist. Now I am engaged in the full-fledged formation of my team. Her name is Cipher dogs.

Our team is interested in electronic art/hack/social activity and blockchain/decentralized technology and other technologies. We are aimed at promoting blockchain technology among people. Our team creates various libraries, websites, artwork and other projects in the field of blockchain technologies. We also help blockchain projects. We believe that blockchain technology is the future.

Due to the news that Zoom bought Keybase, we have begun developing an analogue of Keybase. We already have MVP, which we are ready to show to the world. We took Blockstack as a basis, as it is a full-fledged decentralized platform in which there is everything necessary.

I will sign all the following posts in more detail


Looking at the background of the company, does not look promising at all. Maybe getting too spoiled with platforms not run buy "Angel Investors" :D