EOS | Daily Update 11/21/2018

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Thank you for your continued support of EOS Gravity(Vote for eosisgravity).

Voting progress

Up to now,the number of EOSs voted reached 254,867,295, accounting for 24.59% of the total EOS.
The total number of EOS accounts was509,555, and Accounts Voting was 39,818

EOS Gravity in block producer ranked 42. The number of voters of EOS Gravity ranked 8th, with 13,432 voters.

Date from:https://eosauthority.com

Dapp based on EOS

So far, 162EOS Dapps have been listed in the dappradar statistics.The top five users in 24hours is PRA CandyBox,EOS Knights,BetDice,FarmEOS,FunCity.

More news:https://www.dappradar.com/eos-dapps

Project Progress

1.EOSIO, V1.5.0-rc1 Update

Block.one announce EOSIO, V1.5.0-rc1 as a Release Candidate for Multithreaded Signature Verification, A State History Plugin, and Blacklist Security Enhancements.

This release is pinned as a release candidate and will not be merged into master until completed testing and updated documentation.
News from:https://medium.com/eosio/eosio-version-1-5-0-rc1-760816c3ff27

2.EOSHackathon Grand Finale

On December 7, 2018,EOS Global Hackathon Finale will be held in Cape Town, South Africa.They will showcase their blockchain-based applications, and compete for the grand prize of US$500,000.

3.Update on REX Development

One of the goals of the REX is to increase voter participation on a public EOSIO-based blockchain. To achieve this goal, an invariant was established such that participants in the REX needed to EITHER vote for at least 21 block producer candidates OR delegate their voting influence to a registered proxy.

In order to prevent possible price manipulation, the concept of maturity is being added to REX purchases. This does not affect the rewards for buying REX but will act as a vesting period over which newly purchased REX cannot be sold. Once outside this time period the given REX tokens can be sold at will. The REX maturity period is now implemented and currently set to 4 days.

News from:https://github.com/EOSIO/eosio.contracts/issues/117#issuecomment-440402825

Dapp Ecology


MyWish is working on a new auto testing system which will run additional security tests before deploying your EOS token contract on the blockchain.
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2.EOS Lynx / WorkCoin

Fred Krueger, CEO + Founder of EOS Lynx / WorkCoin,accepted an interview on Crypto Cafe.Discussed everything from how he got into crypto?How close we are to consumer adoption.

Both of these products work fast. Both of them work on mobile.
EOSLynx is a EOS wallet application, and the leader in dapp APIs.
WorkCoin, which will launch next week, which is the first freelance marketplace on EOS, and arguably the most "finished" dApp on any blockchain.

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EOS Tools

Free EOS Account

Changelly is the smoothest instant cryptocurrency exchange.On november 19th till sunday 25th,you can get free eos account on Changelly.
News from:https://medium.com/@Changelly/changelly-black-friday-create-free-eos-account-8f2a9bdc447a

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