EOS Weekly Update| 11.17-11.23

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It mainly focuses on the analysis, summary and evaluation of the whole ecological development of EOS in the past week. The content includes 5 aspects: project progress, Dapp ecology, EOS tools, community development and EOS point of view.

Project Progress

1.EOSIO, V1.5.0-rc1 Update

Block.one announce EOSIO, V1.5.0-rc1 as a Release Candidate for Multithreaded Signature Verification, A State History Plugin, and Blacklist Security Enhancements.

This release is pinned as a release candidate and will not be merged into master until completed testing and updated documentation.

2.Update on REX Development

One of the goals of the REX is to increase voter participation on a public EOSIO-based blockchain. To achieve this goal, an invariant was established such that participants in the REX needed to EITHER vote for at least 21 block producer candidates OR delegate their voting influence to a registered proxy.

In order to prevent possible price manipulation, the concept of maturity is being added to REX purchases. This does not affect the rewards for buying REX but will act as a vesting period over which newly purchased REX cannot be sold. Once outside this time period the given REX tokens can be sold at will. The REX maturity period is now implemented and currently set to 4 days.

Dapp Ecology

1.Infinicoin Airdro

The Infinicoin airdrop snapshot will be taken on the 26th of November, at 00:00:00 UTC. They will use the EOSSNAPSHOTS.IO service provided by block producer EOS New York.The actual airdrop will take place within 24 hours of the snapshot. The per-account cap will be revealed after the airdrop.

2.Mythical Games

Mythical Games, a startup out of stealth today with $16 million in Series A funding.Mythical is using its infusion of venture capital to develop a line of PC, mobile and console games on the EOSIO blockchain, which will also be open to developers to build games with “player-owned economies.”

3.Jungle Testnet

The Jungle TestNet was initiated by Crypto Lions and has served as sandbox for many development teams and EOS Block Producers since the birth of EOSIO.
Jungle 2.0 was launched on Friday November 23rd 2018.The current chain"jungle classic" will remain available until the end of 2018.


4.Trybe partnership with TokenPocket

Trybe,a social and educational network for the cryptocurrency and blockchain communities.,announced they partnership with TokenPocket!A fantastic multi-use wallet for EOS.


MyWish is working on a new auto testing system which will run additional security tests before deploying your EOS token contract on the blockchain.

6.EOS Lynx / WorkCoin

Fred Krueger, CEO + Founder of EOS Lynx / WorkCoin,accepted an interview on Crypto Cafe.Discussed everything from how he got into crypto?How close we are to consumer adoption.

Both of these products work fast. Both of them work on mobile.
EOSLynx is a EOS wallet application, and the leader in dapp APIs.
WorkCoin, which will launch next week, which is the first freelance marketplace on EOS, and arguably the most "finished" dApp on any blockchain.


In the latest edition of BuiltOnEOS, Block.One interviewed the ID PASS team. ID PASS is a sustainable open-source digital identity solution designed for governments and humanitarian organizations. “It enables them to issue a decentralized, private, trusted and recoverable form of identity to all population subsets, including citizens, residents and refugees,” says Jeremi Joslin, CTO of Newlogic, a software company that, he explains, has been involved in the humanitarian sector for years.

8.TOOK Airdrops

The eos-based project TOOKTOOK will take a snapshot of the EOS account at 11am on November 29, 2018. In December, the TOON will be airdropped,the ratio of airdrops will be 1 EOS: 0.5 TOOK.The EOS in Chaince Exchange has an airdrop ratio of 1 EOS: 0.6 TOOK. Each account receives up to 50,000 TOOKs.

EOS Tools

1.Now you can travel the world and pay airfare with EOS

EOSTrip seems to be doing the groundwork with a new service that lets you not only pay for your trips with EOS tokens but also offers up to 30% discount on flights.

2.The world's first major carbon neutral blockchain

The EOS Authority launched an environmental project to make EOS the world's first major carbon neutral blockchain. A sustaintable future is the only future.The EOS Authority and ClimateCare work together to calculate the carbon emissions of the EOS, and then choose a plan that can offset carbon emissions and implement it.EOS Gravity has paid and supports this activity.

3.EOS Block Browser

EOS Canada has developed an EOS block browser eosq.app. DB/database , RAM usage,is clearly shown for each byte of RAM usage.
Also, all data on EOSQ is available on EOS Canada's API dfuse.io.

4.ProChain has implemented the Bancor conversion widget

Bancor tweeted that ProChain has implemented the Bancor conversion widget. Anyone can integrate Bancor's conversion widget in Prochain. No cost, no deposits, no exchanges. Just instant in-app token conversions in a few lines of code.

5.EOS Account Notification Service

EOS Authority provides a free EOS account notification service. The contents of the notification include: payment details, public and private key changes, airdrop details, account authorization, and ECAF arbitration notice. When the above actions occur in the account, the user can receive a notification for the email.Email-bound EOS accounts rise from 5 EOS accounts to 10 EOS accounts. This means that users can monitor 10 EOS accounts.

6.EOS Guardian

EOS Guradian was built by EOSLaoMao team.It is an EOS smart contract aiming to provide safer fund management with proper permission settings.

7.Smart Contract Editor:Dev4eos

EOS Amsterdam has developed an online EOS smart contract editor, Dev4eos, which supports the EOS mainnet, Jungle Testnet and CryptoKylin Testnet. EOS Amsterdam encourages users to submit an issue on Github.

8.The EOSPark API support the WebSocket and HTTPS protocols

EOSPark is the EOS blockchain browser. The EOSPark API has been upgraded to support the WebSocket and HTTPS protocols.

Users can use HTTPS to request all historical transactions on EOS, as well as current data status, including: accounts, blocks, contracts, transactions.

You can get the latest updates on EOS by using a WebSocket subscription. Including: tracking account changes in real time, real-time monitoring of contract call records.

9.EOS Vote Tracker

EOS Amsterdam released the EOS Vote Tracker, which tracks individual voter and voting agent accounts, shows 24-hour voting changes, and supports referendum testing.

Community Development

Ms. Kasparek,Brendan Blumer's mother,ended a stellar 21-year ca­reer at U.S. Bank in Cedar Rapids in early October for a new opportunity close to her heart: Helping Brendan Blumer, an international tech en­trepreneur (EOS), launch and manage a new so­cially responsible venture capital firm.She was voted Corridor’s Most Influential leader by CBJ readers in 2016.

EOSHackathon Grand Finale

On December 7, 2018,EOS Global Hackathon Finale will be held in Cape Town, South Africa.They will showcase their blockchain-based applications, and compete for the grand prize of US$500,000.

Point of view

Ron Paul,Former Congressman from Texas,launched a survey that a wealthy person gifts you $10,000. You get to choose in which form you’ll accept the gift. But there’s a catch: You must keep the gift in the form that you choose for 10 years without touching it. In which form would you accept the gift? The total number of participating votes is 94,894,50% of them choose Bitcoin.

Alexandre's point of view

Alexandre Bourget,Co-Founder at EOS Canada,was invited by Brandon Parker to "The EOS Podcast" to discuss all things EOS. They focused on our new dfuse API, sidechains and interblockchain communication, decentralization and when it adds value, microforks and the CPU issues that may cause them, and much more!

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