Exploring Decentralized Storage

I'm curious about what the Hive community thinks of this, and what sort of information others have gathered on the subject. Right now, I rely upon integration with Dropbox to handle the automatic storage and syncing of my data, but am naturally not hoping to stay with that company forever. I've discovered a number of other services that all have varying levels of security, but so-far have not yet encountered too many decentralized/blockchain-based storage options, certainly none that are beyond the nascent stage.

My favorite of those isn't blockchain-based, it's Cryptee, but their system is still in beta and lacks the features I'd need for a proper storage replacement.

It seems to me that blockchain-based storage would be a powerful tool, and is one that, in a certain sense, we already use. There are many questions this raises, of course, like how the storage needs are fulfilled on the back-end by various hosts in the chain, and how swiftly and effectively data transactions could be handled, but none seem insurmountable.

Regardless of whether or not any such project is active here on Hive, I'd also be interested to see if others have discovered more mature projects elsewhere that might be ready for use.


I haven't found any that I would utilize.... Sadly.

Storj has potential, same for fleek.co.. but they are both kinda meh still.. def check em out tho if you haven't.

Storj didn't manage to entice me after I saw some reviews citing slow speeds and issues with file sizes. Haven't run into Fleek yet though! Testing Internxt that seems interesting.

I guess a follow-up question from me would be, what's your specific use case and why? I only ask because what I ended up going with awhile back was a nextcloud instance hosted on my home network and backed up regularly to another pair or drives, one I left at a buddies house and swapped anytime I did a backup the next time I went over, dropping off the new backup and picking up the old one to do another swap... I don't do that anymore, and just went back to old faithful google.... But I do have plans to re-implement the old system again one day, when I get a phone that's bootloader unlocked and isn't already infested with googleware.. but when in Rome as they say,.. so I just use all the apps google tosses at me, even paying their $9.99 or whatever it is for their 2tb storage.

Yeah, so far I've been doing the same thing, or alternating with that and Dropbox. But I dislike in general the boxed-in nature of those services and am trying to find some more privacy-conscious alternatives to big tech. It's tough because plenty of features I've come to rely on exist in their hands alone (Google photos, for instance, is incredibly powerful). But I would like to find someplace that allows me to back up and store my data offsite simply and easily.

Mega seems like another good bet. Same deal as Drive but NZ hosted private storage.

Have you thought about just buying a VPS from one of the vendors that accepts crypto?
I use https://xethost.com/ (affiliate link below)
They are reasonably priced and let me pay with crypto.


That's a neat option, thanks!

Plus it's always fun to build some Linux sys admin experience. If you go that route and need any help, let me know. It's easier then it seems. ^>^