The IRS wants your digital wallets, too.

in #blockchain2 months ago (edited)

The IRS is offering a bounty to anyone who can crack Monero and Bitcoin Lightning. Of course the claim is that it will fight organized crime and child trafficking, but the real reason is the endlessly voracious appetites of the biggest mafias on the planet: governments.

They want to know everything, because they think they own everything, including you. The biggest threat to their hegemony is a monetary system outside their control.

The blockchain is freedom, and it cannot be tolerated by those who desire control. Don't let any propaganda hide this fact. Yes, privacy helps criminals, but it also helps us maintain our own security, too. The cryptographers must always work to stay ahead of the analysts, even if it means some people will use it for evil, because the government will always use its power over us for evil, too.


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