SimpleCoin Mining App

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Hello Steemians
Kindly pay attention here that today I am going to tell you about SimpleCoin Mining application. With two options Web Miner & Desktop Miner. If you are working with your laptop and desktop machines for daily routine work then don’t ignore this NEWS.

SimpleCoin is easy to use and mine coin, with a very light and simple command line interface. It has a lite-wallet that syncs fast with the network without requiring too much disk space. This app can mine the hashes in the background without raising any problem to your present work. Transactions are quickly confirmed; new blocks are mined every minute.

Instantly Click on the following link for creating account.

Then just create an account and start your mining with Web Miner for a trial basis. If it generates sufficient hashes rate, then you can claim it in some coins like. Dirhamcoin, Clam, Dogecoin, PIVX, Hempcoin, Tittiecoin & Venox. For any query please do write in the comment.

The following picture is showing web mining proof.

simple coin app mine.jpg

Note:- Be wiser in crypto world.