Daniel Larimer Going To Developed Clarion Criptocurrency to defeat Twitter And Facebook.

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After Leaving EOS,Criptocurrency legend Daniel Larimer has started new cryptocurrency project called Clarion.


Larimer was major contributor to create Steem Blockchain and he was also former CTO of Block.One . He introduced Voice Social Media on EOS Blockchain.

According to Larimer Clarion Project have the capability to improve the performance of EOSIO smart contract by developing a specialized Library.

What Is Clarion?

The main goal of Clarion Operating System to develop a decentralized network to replicate Twitter and Facebook and other social platform without censorship. It's still on early stage and Larimer want like minded developer to build the prototype.

He Twitted and asked developer to join Clarion project and discuss with him to build up a decentralized communication platform to replace Social Media Giant Twitter or Facebook.
According to Larimer the Clarion project aims to give a specialized tool by which everyone able to broadcast their message to everyone who wants to hear their message without creating depending on centralized platform.

Larimer tells that Clarion will be the censorship resistant friend to friend network which will leveray the unused resources of our friends and family to distribute our content.

Source : https://www.fxstreet.com/cryptocurrencies/news/dan-larimer-introduces-new-cryptocurrency-project-after-leaving-eos-202103031305