Hive community - Can you help me Connect?

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I am reaching out to the Hive community for a bit of help. I am looking to make particular connections, and there may very well be these people in the Hive community or someone you know.

Please reshare this post so it reaches as many people as it can.

I am looking to connect with Fitness coaches that run their classes online for a premium subscription. I am also looking to connect with someone that does meditation classes/sessions online for a premium subscription.


I am currently doing the YC Summer Startup School and the reason I am looking to connect is for product research on an idea I have been working on. I would like 15 minutes of their time to ask a few questions.

These people do not need any knowledge about blockchain or crypto. However, the product idea is a web3 B2B, and B2C product.

If you know anyone I would be very grateful for the introduction. Please comment below.



Me too. But probably it would be better for @paulag to ask on Discord servers. At least when I am trying to look for something specific, people mostly tell me to use Discord. And it really worked so far, so they are right.

Thank you, I will try discord too

Thank you

I'd be happy to help spread the word a bit more. Reblogged. 🙏 💚

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Hope you’ve found some connections? I can reblog of course as I’m late now to upvote.