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RE: Decentralisation In Blockchains - Let's Talk About It - Part 1

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To me this is a well-thought-out, comprehensive, (reasonably) understandable look at how to create grow a robust, prosperous, scalable decentralized system. :)

There may be some nuances that I'd like to dig into someday, or some philosophical points that may ruffle a few people's feathers, but overall, this was a fantastic read.

Impressive thoughts and writing here, @theycallmedan , I appreciate you sharing, and look forward to part 2. Wishing you a great day. 🙏

@cynshineonline I'm not sure if you'll grasp all of this easily, but it's worth a read and I can help explain if unclear.


thank You so much for the tag. You were correct lol it wasn't an easy thing to grasp but You explained it quite well and I feel like I get it now. I agree that it was impressive writing.

Thank you for posting it @theycallmedan it's mostly understandable and what I didn't get Jay helped me with. ❤️

Props to you for tackling the read, even as a layperson! 😁🙏