Decentralized 2019 was the place to be for all Blockchain enthusiast !

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thumbnail_IMG_20191101_1611380.jpgIt was a full-day 3-day conference where I had the opportunity to exchange thoughts, concerns and innovative suggestions and ideas on the future of Blockchain technology and its legal treatment with colleagues, entrepreneurs and academics around the world.
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The answer to the question of who controls and by what processes the data accumulated by individuals and companies through this technology will determine, in my view, the still-regulated legal framework in the near future where legal science needs to find new tools.
We are living the second phase of the 3rd industrial revolution in a transitional and decentralized era. In the economy, in society, in energy and more.

Blockchain and DLT technologies are the tools for practicing this transition and are the digital mirror of the real world.
If we do not like reality let us try to change it and not rock the mirror.
Special thanks to my partners @liondani Daniel Schwarz, Maro Badekas and of course the inspirator and pioneer of beos @onceuponatime, for their excellent support and assistance.


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Thanks for the news about the conference... Onward and upward! :D



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Glad to have you on our team and hope to see you again in the future!

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