Crisis, Character, Clarity, and Creativity

The first rule of a crisis situation is Remain Calm!

You will always fair better when you focus on the circumstances, needs, and priorities you are in control of in your immediate environment.

Focus on what is of true value.

Live through the love, strength and faith in those values to demonstrate to yourself, your loved ones, and others what really matters the most.

Take things moment by moment and understand that these times will pass.

That is the one certainty we do have is that will get through this.

Once you have done all you can to get your house in order to sustain this event, you will have time on your hands.

Seriously make the time to clear your mind of all distractions and honestly think for a moment about a few basic things.

This crisis is, and will continue to be an event that impacts all of society, regardless of location, ideological differences, or any contrived prejudices.

It has been a long time since there was an event with such widespread global impact as we are facing now, if ever!

With the relatively recent innovations in technology, we travel further and more frequently. We have instant access to information and communication on a worldwide scale, personally and throughout every industry. Supply chains and resources are internationally sourced and economies are linked on a global scale.

Comparisons to previous pandemics can't realistically give us a clear picture of the implications of our current experience.

Likewise, the response and the aftermath will be very different.

Everyone wishes that things could just get back to normal!

But do things ever really go back to normal, to the way they were before, in the wake of such universal impact?

We would be foolish to think that they would, because they never do.

I feel a much more important question is, do we really want them to?

Think of all the the things that seemed to mean so much before the crisis, that we put so much of our time energy and passion into, that have little or no significance in our existence since the crisis became real for each of us.

The precious parts of life that we all sadly and too often take for granted, those 'little things', at the heart of who we all really are and why we persevere.

How many times have we thought to ourselves, if I could just hit pause for a moment, it could make all the difference, for whatever the reason may be?

This time of crisis is a chance for us all to refocus our emotional and creative energy to take advantage of this moment and use our intrinsic human values to make this unprecedented event an opportunity.

The internet changed the world, but it was just the beginning of the change.

The internet and all that its' influence on every aspect of our lives to this point, is just the means for the world changing tide of transformation that is swelling with every passing moment, even and especially in the wake of this crisis.

The internet is to blockchain what the steam engine was to the industrial revolution.

Just the beginning.

Blockchain and its' digital related technologies are the fastest growing industry in the world, think about the way electricity changed society.

Beyond the speculators, traders, gamblers, and closet insiders who see and promote the casino like view of crypto currency, that it is just a diversion and a novelty.

The real important truth, and the reason you won't hear anything but sensationalism and misinformation from the media is because they are well aware of the significance of the technology and it scares the establishment to death.

It holds the promise and potential of eliminating the ability to control and manipulate the intrinsic value of individuals.

They know this could very well mean game over for centralized systems of control in every way.

History has shown that individual freedom flourishes with the decentralization of resources.

Decentralization is a core premise of blockchain technology.

The intent and purpose of my endeavors online is the sharing of knowledge, information, resources, and opportunities that decentralized blockchain technologies offer for transforming society through the ownership of personal value and individual freedom.

Understanding use cases for these innovations can help us understand the promise of practical tools and solutions emerging that can completely change the game.

Blockchain vs Covid19

Today I will present some current and proposed use cases that are relevant to the crisis we are experiencing and how these projects are working to transform their unique sector and change the paradigm.

Although these projects are now reacting to the crisis, realize that are also emerging into every aspect of industry bringing decentralized solutions and innovations that will disrupt the status quo giving individuals control of their information, identity and personal value

Anonymity = Freedom

Blockchain affords users the ability to share only specific information or data securely and anonymously.

According to a article by Samuel Haig, April 6, 2020

"Genobank, a blockchain project that is working to offer consumers control over their DNA data, is preparing to launch an app to assist people in accessing anonymous coronavirus testing."

Genobank chief executive Daniel Uribe stated:

"People have the right to know if they have the coronavirus without violating their right to privacy"



Smart contracts and trustless verification on a blockchain provides users with confidentiality, security, and anonymity.

In the Now:

During any pandemic fear, uncertainty, and panic can lead to irrational paranoia, confidentiality and anonymity are important principle to combat this.

Everyone should have access to healthcare regardless of any status in society, we all have a right to privacy.

If individuals could participate in self monitoring and reporting with anonymity and the threat of prosecution or persecution it would help to speed up the fight and give healthcare providers, researchers, and emergency response workers real-time data and information they need to respond with greater efficiency and precision.

How will this change things?

Data is the 'fuel' of the digital age, much like oil was in the industrial age, and the data can come from individuals and their interaction with the network. Users can input data, choose which data they give permission to for different purposes or transactions with different entities.

A very basic analogy/example:

Company A is working on a solution for some ailment and need data for their study.

Joe D. Blockchain has his medical records stored on the blockchain.

Company A sends a request for specific data (age, gender, exercise habits, medication stats, etc) to the network

Users opt in and give permission, or have a standing smart contract they have chosen to enact automatically.

Company A gets their data, Joe and all other users gets compensated for their data through the transfer of tokens or crypto currency as part of the transaction.

Sounds like a trivial process, how can this change the paradigm?

Data is the fuel of the emerging digital economy.

Machine Learning, AI, Robotics, The Internet of Things, and Blockchain are all rooted in the use of data.

The truth is that since you filled out your fist online form or logged on to a network, you have been interacting with the network, the difference comes when you take ownership of your interaction.

The billionaire tech giants who own the most popular social media, communication, and digital data companies made their billions by extracting data from everyone through their centralized privately owned apps and interfaces.

Decentralized blockchain projects are working to change all of that.

Open Source = Equal Access

Decentralized blockchain technology operating through open source software allows any and all users access to development of tools and projects.

HeroX is a hub for crowd-sourcing of ideas and solutions. they are hosting a hack-a-thon for ideas and solutions for corona virus issues.

"We connect everyday problem solvers like you to bring innovative thinking to the world."

There are many groups from around the world using these open source and crowd funded paths to solutions to problems we all face.

Here you can see a small fraction of the resources being put to use by people around the world to address the crisis.



Decentralization=Power to the People!

In very simple terms, users on the blockchain network have the ability to share knowledge, ideas, and computing resources securely.

The decentralized secure interconnectivity of network resources on blockchain gives power to the individual users.

You can fight Corona Virus From Your Device!

By logging on to this site and downloading a simple secure app you can donate your computer power to participate in real-time "folding" of the Corona Virus which will help in developing treatments and a cure for the illnesses related to Covid19.

There are also several social networks and other online communities who are participating, you can join or form a team, or sign up as an individual.

The project also does work on many other illnesses besides Covid19 such as cancers, neurological, and infectious diseases.

This is an amazing innovation!

It not only is a testament to the creativity and collective power of individuals united in a cause, but the future implications of personal ownership of value in the digital economy give us all the opportunity to create real value from our interaction.

With the advent of tokenization and decentralization we have real tools and resources to overcome the current control and manipulation of the economic structure.

No matter how much we wish that things would go back to normal, we have to realize that will more than likely not be the case.

The innovations in technology that are currently emerging and rapidly disrupting society in every way are somewhat insulated from the current crisis.

From all the information I have seen, this crisis is a catalyst to its development.

Through the decentralized and inclusive nature, and the diversity of individuals and applications of blockchain, its promise and potential are now on display.

With most of the world shut down and working from home, it is the perfect opportunity for everyone to get educated and involved.

Everybody wants to change the world, well now this is our chance!

The knowledge and information is there for everyone, and no, you don't have to own bitcoin to participate.

Not only can you get started for free, but still being being in the early stages of adoption, many projects offer lucrative incentives for participating, as well as opportunities for passive income, active income and referral commissions.

Now that you have some time, do all you can to engage in and take advantage of this opportunity!

Do your own research and see for yourself how these innovations are rapidly emerging and setting the stage for the transformation of society like we have never known before.

And just as importantly, share it with everyone you can!

When this is over, things will not go back to the way they were before.

And together we can make that the best thing that has ever happened to all of us!


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