Sale updates, SERFDOM NEWS, and other important things you may have missed.


📣 Gear up for the final stage of our event!

We're down to the last items in stock – the powerful amulets Wyvern's Whisper and Serpent's Secret, boasting a sturdy 15/15 attack/defense. Moreover, they can be combined to create a formidable 45/45 amulet, enhancing your combat prowess. Limited supply available - 500 amulets and 200 armor/swords! Sale ends Saturday, don't miss out!

Prices have risen to 100 hive each due to demand.

For those staking 10,000,000 tokens, we have a special offer: there are only 9 available of the Prometheus's Prophetic Plate, granting a formidable 600 defense!

For those who've managed to gather 40 swords, remember you can meld them into the Nihilith with an impressive 400 attack!

Now let's talk Perks! Available based on the number of NFTs you hold:

  • 3 NFTs: Darkness's Reflection - Become a shadow master with a 15% cooldown reduction on wardogs/stealing/wolves activities.
  • 6 NFTs: Miner's Greed - Swing your tool with fortune's favor, enjoying 20% cooldown reduction and null energy loss on mining activities.
  • 10 NFTs: Chronomancer's Gift - Time is in your hands. Effects could range from resetting/speeding up actions, advancing progress or reversing events.
  • 20 NFTs: Mystic Alchemist's Touch - Unveil secret wisdom to weave potent elixirs and communicate with mystical ravens.
  • 30 NFTs: Sentinel's Vigilance - Command protective advantages, with enhanced defense and heightened senses.
  • 50 NFTs: Master of Realms - Become the unrivaled sovereign of all realms, with increased sway over undertakings and access to hidden quests, realms, or treasures.

Remember, Master of the Realm perks are SOLD OUT,

A total of 10,000 hive has been sent to @multi.polar for the DBLN support program.
We're just getting started, so keep playing, keep winning! 👑🎉


  • !help - Show this help message

  • !register <hive_account> - Register your account. 3 different messages from bot to follow

  • !attack - Attack a random monster

  • !stats - Show your character's stats

  • !upgrade <attack|defense> - Upgrade your character's attack or defense

  • !buy_potion <small|medium|large|HUGE> or revive - small: 25, medium: 75, large: 175 HUGE: 360 HP healed. cost: |S: 200| M: 500| |L: 1000| |HUGE: 2000| |revive: 500|

  • !heal <small|medium|large|HUGE> - Use a potion to heal your character

  • !withdraw - Withdraw tokens to your Hive account (must be paired with a hive account)

  • !revive - Revive your character if they died in battle (must buy revive potion)

  • !deposit - Deposit tokens from hive-engine to use in game.

  • !quest - Start a new quest to defeat a specific monster and earn tokens based on the quest difficulty. Players can only start a new quest every 3 hours.

  • !resetquest - Reset your current quest and get a new one if you don't want to complete the current one. Players can only reset their quest once.

  • !leaderboard - Check the leaderboard to see the top players in the game based on their rank in the feudal system, amount of tokens, and stats.

  • !fish - Try your luck at fishing to catch fish that yields you tokens.

  • !steal - Try to steal from a registered user

  • !hunt - Go on a hunt, be careful there are beasts out there!

  • !duel - DUEL FOR TOKENS, each player must have 250.

  • !Harvest - As the Nature expertise you can harvest tokens every 2 minutes, now level increases when used.

  • !mine - Must have a pickaxe to mine, use !buypickaxe to purchase one 350 DBLN

  • !hammer - combat class is able to blacksmith to gain tokens

  • !visit_shaman - Once every 24 hours you may visit the shaman to heal.

  • !buyhovel - 30,000 token cost. Protection from pillagers, and heals you every 4 hours. Protection for 10,000 tokens.

  • !buyforge - A forge is used to upgrade tools for better earnings

  • !buydagger - A dagger for the pillager class, increases everything with stealing

  • !forgedagger - Upgrade the dagger

  • !upgradeforge - Increase the level of the forge for higher level equipment upgrades.

  • !buybestiary - Allows the purchase of wolves, and cows. Must be level 20 (Only cows for now)

  • !buycow - Cows can be milked every 6 hours for tokens, sometimes they get sick. must own Bestiary

  • !healcow - Take your cows to the shaman for healing.

  • !choosejob - Become a constable, Lumberjack, Steelsmith, or templar.

  • !gethim - Capture a thief on cooldown, make him pay for his evil deeds.

  • !buyraven - A raven can be sent every hour to gather goodies for your travels.

  • !sendraven - A max of two ravens can be purchased. send them out to collect stuff.

  • buyscythe - Nature expertise can use a scythe to increase their harvest output

  • !scoutahead - Scout into the wilderness to see what rewards, or dangers you will fall upon.

  • !snakeoilcart - pillager ability to sell his snake oil to the naive passerby

  • !addlabtohovel - Add an Alchemy lab to your hovel to collect your percentages of all healing potions in a 24-hour period

  • !collectpotionsales - the command to work with the alchemy lab to collect your loot 25% split

  • !buyhammer - The combat class version of the scythe

  • !buypasture - Get your portion of healing of cows, and cow purchases in a 24hr period 10% split

  • !buyanvil - purchase an anvil that gives you a portion of all purchases of pickaxes in a 24hr period. 5% split

  • buildminingcomplex - Cost is 500 steel, and 500 wood. Mines tokens every hour.

  • !fixminingcomplexes - Repair your mining complexes if it's broken down.

  • !buyfishingpole - Purchase a fishing pole to increase your chances of catching larger fish.

  • !buyboat - increases odds of catching bigger fish

  • !buywood - Buy wood...

  • !buysteel - Buy steel...

  • !chop - Lumberjack command for getting wood.

  • !refine - Steel smith command for getting steel

  • !buywolf - Get a wolf that you can name, and will fetch potions for you.

  • !claimthrone - limit of 300, cost is 3,000,000 tokens.

Serfdom and Sorcery was created by the makers of Psyber-X. It is a very new game, yet it is already the fastest expanding and best Hive game on Discord! It is just a game, even though it is an awesome game. If you choose to play, remember that it is in an alpha stage where crashes may occur on occasion. Please inform us of any bugs you may encounter via our room for this purpose. It is not an investment. It is fun. Lecture over ;)



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