I think it was probably obvious to many people who were on Steem for a long time, but I think in this case we've got a group of people who are willfully looking for ways to distort reality.

And someone with no Steem background might actually believe such a claim, if I didn't actively dispute it. I've had actual experience with this type of issue before: a long time ago a post was made on Steem that implied financial misconduct by me, which I pretty much ignored at the time, because it was essentially nonsense. But it later came up when a public company wanted to acquire us, and they found that article about us while doing a google search. I was able to explain the situation to the satisfaction of the potential buyer, but it changed my mind a bit on when it's ok to let a false claim about business matters go unchallenged.

I think quite a few people with knowledge of trading in general would think OTC.
Unless you were responsible for the majority of Steemit's development and administrative costs, huge transfers being payments doesn't make sense. Steemit never implied or said you did the majority of work.

It is definitely a good choice to clarify the truth and dispel rumors when the truth is not condemning you and rumors are damaging. Besides half the claims coming from these guys are nonsense. There are also a lot of other people who know the truth

It becomes exceedingly obvious when we look at what happened with the fork. Most Steemit employees quit and none of them said anything bad about you. Pretty much every witness, with the exception of a few, moved over, too.

In any case, I hope the best for you and Hive. I hope you guys also get your Steem back soon. That was never mentioned as a reason for trying to steal it.

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