BlockTrades introduces Crypto Affiliates program for entrepreneurs

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BlockTrades’ new Affiliates program allows web sites to refer customers to our cryptocurrency exchange service and monetize the referral.

How do I join the Affiliates program?

  1. Create an account on BlockTrades where you will receive credits for transactions you refer to our service.
  2. On the profile page of your BlockTrades account, select the Affiliates sub-menu. Click the Help menu on the Affiliates page for details on how to configure your web site as an affiliate.

For most affiliates, the simplest/best solution will be to directly embed our QuickTrade widget into their web site (no real web programming is required with this solution, just basic HTML skills are needed). Below is a picture of the widget:

In rare cases an affiliate may want more direct control of the look-and-feel of the conversion process. If you do need to customize the look of the conversion process, your web site can directly make API calls to our server. Note that this latter process requires some experience in Javascript programming or a similar web programming language. This latter approach will also likely require more maintenance over time versus embedding the widget, as we will make automatic improvements to our widget that could require corresponding changes in your custom web code.

How do affiliate rewards accumulate?

Each time our system sees a valid payment that is tied to your affiliate account id, your affiliate account will be credited with a small percentage of the payment (if you’ve configured your account to collect a fee on transactions in the transaction’s coin type). For example, you could set a 0.1% fee on all purchases made with Steem through your site and a 0.2% fee on all purchases made with bitcoin through your site.

Accumulated rewards can later be withdrawn to a blockchain address/account of your choosing. Currently we only support withdrawals directly in the coin type, but we will soon offer the ability to convert the rewards to other coin types directly from our service (this will save you the cost of one or two blockchain transaction fees).

How do I claim affiliate rewards?

To claim affiliate rewards, login to your account, go to the Affiliates page (under account profile) and press the “claim” button beside one of your credit balances. The claim button will only appear after a balance has been credited to your account (i.e. there has been at least one transaction that was linked to your affiliate id code).

Becoming a successful affiliate

That’s all that you need to do to become a BlockTrades’ affiliate: 1) register with our system, 2) create or modify an existing web site to embed our QuickTrade widget, 3) periodically claim your affiliate rewards. Beyond those basic steps, successful affiliates will probably want to make sure they do sufficient marketing for their web site and offer unique value-adds that encourage their site’s usage.

If you have general questions about our Affiliate program, feel free to ask them in the comments below.

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LOl You mad dan look like a turtle in that pic! come on man at least use the skinnier pic of dan :D

But anyway this is SO COOl I would like to work with you, will you come to our discord Smart media group? I wana help you make Videos to explain how to use steem to new users, simple instructional and educatinal series explaining hwo steem works to ONCE AND FOR ALL visually explain it ... where we will even have instructions in teh video to go leave a comment on a special Post where I will personally go Upvote them like i dunno 50 cents or $1 or so, so that people can get an actual idea for how steem works (We will make them post a pic ofthemselves with verification to get the $1 cent upvote and ill do tha until we have a huge list of youtube users signing up and testing steem out like,i think an interatcivevideo witha SPECIAL gift at the end will be cool! every day ortwo ill go check the comment page nd upvote people! cuz u can always upvote NEW coimments no matter how old the post is!

Share me some instructional videos @ackza
I have a friend who wants to join.
Mind you I am a member of church, steemit can get viral to our members internationally.

I had the first $ 0.04 after 30 seconds, I'm going to become the richest man in the world!

Yondo Token AirDrop Join And Get 25$ Worth Yondo Coin @rohit7725

big up yooo

Thanks a lot for this. I'm bringing in my friends too.

@blocktrades. Can one increase the % of the fee apart from the 0.1% and 0.2% example you gave up there... What's the drawback in this case?🤔

Yes, you can increase your fee up to 1%. The disadvantage is that as you charge more, it's possible your customer will seek other solutions, but it depends a lot on what other advantages in terms of ease-of-use and other benefits that your site may offer.

Thanks a lot dear👍. Stay blessed

Got the basic thing up here: with a 0.1% fee. I can see this being used to help fund some awesome projects.

This is a nice idea. When done well (i.e. not spammy), referrals can help drive growth in a big way. Crypto needs more of this. I'll refer others and I hope it goes well for Blocktrades.

Thats right! Now we just need @yensesa Ghanian exchange on @blocktrades AND we need a Bitpay Feature on Blocktrades which opens up the Bitpay Wallet

ALSO you can authorize a Steem transaction with @jesta 's @vessel instead of Steemconnect which i hear is actually safer using vessel, the link opens up the vessel desktop application so imagine if blocktrades had that next to teh steemconnect option

also blocktrades could have a LOT of options for FIAT exchanges from prepaid greendot reloads to Bitpay to simply havinga LINK to Bitpay n the blocktrades page with a small message like 'Looking to cash out to USD? Signup for the Bitpay Visa card for just $10 in BTC! " or something like that!

Also @blocktrades could seriously just have a VIDEO from youtube playing on the bottomn of the page and blocktrades should be showing STEEM posts at the bottm or middle or right of the page! Blocktrades should have a widget on its [page that shows its most recent steem post!

Thanks for the mention @ackza. Does @blocktrades have a discord server. I have some questions about the affiliate and API?

For information on our API I would recommend starting here:

As for the Affiliate program, if you log in and go to the "Affiliate" tab there's a short explanation of how to include the basic widget on your website:

If you have further questions you can reach us by emailing [email protected]

Thanks, is there a way a user can integrate with the api and still get affiliate rewards?

Great idea @blocktrades!
I'll see if I'm savvy enough to set this up on my site.

Okay, It's set up and I'm officially in business. Here's the link:

Let's have some fun!

I would love to use it but they charge the users the fees and as such not many people will use it :(
Aka using the main blocktrades is cheaper than using your affiliate one :(

I see this more of as a in site thing. Pay a little bit more, but get it right through the site without having to leave it. If they charge low fees, like 0.01%, I don't think people would care enough to go to the main site unless its a large conversion. And small amounts do add up.

I guess it could be a way for users to support the site owner

Yup, every little bit helps. There can also be incentives to use that rather than the main site. I plan on using my blocktrades affiliate earning to help fund a discord bot which will upvote posts(similar to the one in PALnet) and could allow users who pay the higher fees bigger % votes than those who don't.

@sames Do you think I should integrate it into @minnowsmith? :)

That's okay. I enjoyed setting it up and maybe a few people will use it in the future.

This could be a good Proof of pay concept for SMT
Aka use the branded blocktrades thing the fees earned are given back in SMT while the SMT creators get liquid funds

Yeah you're probably right. I've read a little about SMTs but I don't understand them fully quite yet

I made a somewhat decent post to understand SMT:
There more but this made understand how cool SMT are :)
FYI really old post don't upvote it

Block trades?Where do I get this application?

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Why just one place? Why not multiple? I got set up. Ready to compete?

Cool! Might as well

I feel the same way! Gonna try though! Good luck!

You are right @blocktrades sir, I think crypto affiliates program is a good platform, what do say sir??

Crypto affiliates program

Very Cool!
Thanks for this informative post.
I am going to become a BlockTrades’ affiliate.

thanks the information

This is very kool and well worth looking into! Thank you for the post!


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@blocktrades Have taken a very nice step, thank you very much for bringing the crypto affiliates program, it's great that we can earn a lot of money from here, if it works well, what do your opinion tell me sir???

Great Option ,im so interessed by this program thanks for sharing

Thanks for informative post. @blocktrades


Great post! Thanks for sharing! Looking forward for more!

Ohhhh that's Great news for affiliate marketers, It just like a youtube, monitize and earn on successful affiliate.
Great idea👍👍👌

team @blocktrades is doing to make Steemit user friendly.
but there is no any "claim" button under my account page. help me..

The claim button only appears after you set initial rates on coins and someone does a transaction that accumulates a balance for you in that coin. In other words, you don't see a claim button until you earn some coins as an affiliate.

This is not the biggest news of the day but it is sure the kind that solid foundations are built upon............... this is a pretty solid addition to this place.

Thanks to @acidyo for resteeming this piece into my feed!

[email protected] the best exchange service of all. excellent price mark up.many thanks for this program

Great idea! It will bring new costumers to bkocktrades

Yoooo up me to !!! thx :)

Hey quick question what do I do if my transaction has error saying "The system encountered an error sending the currency purchased by the user" ?

Hi, in your case it means we were unable to delegate steem power to you, becaus, the blockchain rules prevent delegations of less that 2 steem, so our steem wallet rejects the output transaction. You need to send a larger amount to purchase a delegation.

Oh I'm sorry my mistake and thank you for the quick response I'll do a trade with 2 now I appreciate it

Really a gret work.I wana try it.

A really nice system that may help Steem communities build up a nice profit for reward sharing went SMTs come around!

Long time no see. bt :-)
Good information and great.
Thank you so much.

Great idea guys! :)

Thats a very good step. Keep up the good work!

interesante, habra que indagar mas

Great idea😁👍

Bro I will check details about blocktrade to register for affiliate program , any future programs in affiliate please keep me posted

Thanks for posting!

To be honest I'm not sure what should I be looking at on that screen :S

This type of information is important so that we all grow with the community, my congratulations and my support with my vote.

@blocktrades this is more better to get more reward thanks

Very nice post dear brother nice and good information

The Empire will be paying special attention to this. Some of our independent contractors have become very passionate about this technological monster you call "cyrpto".

Even our most reliable independent contractor has become a complete crypto-geek.

great idea we can earn more money from this one

Really great idea, though the UI needs some fixing imho

Read this love story u feel like your college days are back

Going to try it

It seems interesting. I'm going to take a look. Regards

Appreciable idea, but i do think that there are numerous loopholes in this system but it will be scrutinized soon and users may able to take advantage of it.

Fantastic work with this one, kudos

The fee is paid by the customer or blocktrades?

The fee is paid by the customer, so I recommend not setting the fee too high unless you have an useful value ad (e.g. convenience of purchase, etc).

I understand. Thank you!

This is an amazing project. I love the whole idea and the whole affliate system.

Blocktrade is going very good and growing very fast. One more suggestion from my side. Just add more cryptos to buy SBD and STEEM on your interface.

they're probably right to go easy on that, implementing is fast, but telling people afterwards the money isnt worth your already thin-spread precious time is hard ... you have to exchange anyway, if you withdraw one for another to another walled it should be that much more of a fee .. i say let them go at is easy

better good and solid than fast and shakey

Giving multiple options is just a suggestion only. Yup adding more will add additional load on their servers. But they can just see some important cryptos only not all. Thanks

i think they have the money to handle serverload upthere lol and i agree there's maybe a few more you could call established but it still comes down to the part where you seriously want to avoid having to shut down a whole wallet section because it burnt out or went stale, in any case, this can certainly not bring the price down lol

is that why my vote upped 3promille since yesterday and the price shot up 9% overnight ?

there's a reason why some people have a $500 vote, isnt there @blocktrades ?


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