BlockTrades re-opens support for selling Steem (e.g. Steem→Hive)

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A lot of our customers have been asking for us to find a way to re-enable selling their Steem to our site, so we’re going to re-open our service under a new account called silly-einstein and see how it goes.

The Steem witnesses claimed that they froze the funds under our “blocktrades” account to “protect the network”. It’s hard to imagine how the silly-einstein account can threaten the network (it’s only got 3 Steem Power), so we’ll see if they leave it alone.

Since we can’t be sure they will not block this new account as well, we’ve setup our system to periodically remove the Steem that is deposited to the account. This means that we will only be able to buy Steem, not sell it, since we can’t maintain a reasonable size inventory of Steem in the account.

Be sure you send to silly-einstein account, not to blocktrades account

The new Steem service works just like the old one, except you can only sell us Steem, not buy it from us, and you must send to silly-einstein, not blocktrades on the Steem network. Any funds sent to the blocktrades account on Steem are not accessible to us.



For how long will you support selling steem for hive?

We don't really know, as it depends on factors outside of our control. Hopefully we can continue at least until everyone that wants to powerdown can complete that process.

Who is buying the STEEM and selling the HIVE? With the vast majority of users dumping STEEM for HIVE, I'm curious what is supporting the STEEM price? IMO any time you can exchange < 1 STEEM for > 1 HIVE, that's an incredible deal and escape from the Tron takeover.

Is Justin Sun deploying huge amounts of capital to prevent a STEEM price collapse? Are trading bots buying STEEM without any awareness of the Hive migration? Are there any whales that actually think STEEM is a good investment right now? Anyone have any ideas?

It's a good question, but it's nice that someone is :-)

Maybe the guy that downvoted your comment is one of the buyers (although I thought Steem-supporters don't like downvotes).

dein-problem literally means your problem, and is harassing lots of people. I would not worry about him.

I wasn't worried about him, more laughing about him, honestly speaking.

haha looks like @dein-problem also downvotes you, although the downvote doesn't hurt too bad. @dein-problem's profile links to Not sure what that is. @dein-problem care to explain?

My guess is that people are anticipating HIVE to dump in value again pending some dick move Justin can and probably will attempt.

yeah I think we got to prepare for both possibilities: lower Hive prices and higher Hive prices. At any point however, Sun may run out of resources or declare defeat. Have some lowball Hive orders on the books with a portion of your Steem, swap the rest at any reasonable exchange rate.

Hooray! )

I exchanged some steem to hive. thank you blocktrades for making it easy for us

Amazing. BlockTrades is definitely the simplest way to get rid of Steem. I'm happy you came up with this idea! 😄

I'm sp happy with this new because I have nowhere to go in selling steem. Thanks for bringing it back, and by the way you know that the power down takes longer weeks before it fully done. Are you planning to operate the steem forever or for a longer time?

Massive thank yous for this, @blocktrades. MUCH appreciated.

Well Played sir!

Hello, I sold my 1200 steem for ltc but it said fail. It was sent to silly-einstein. How can I get my coins?
Please help


I just had to transfer Steem to BitShares to sell SteemRudex to use Blocktrades to convert BTS to HIVE. Lol. If I had only known.

There's also hive engine

also ionomy

A huge hug from @amico! 🤗

Still shows up as under maintenance for me.

Check the revision number and see if it matches screenshot. If it doesn't, you may be running an old version of the site. You also may need to do a refresh (F5).

On the same one, tried a different browser and my phone as well and its all the same.

Screen Shot 20200420 at 2.06.55 PM.png

Looks, good. Thanks for brining it back up. Going to be using you again now to get some of my powerdowns out.

Actually, it's showing maintenance for me now too, will check it out.

Finally!!!! Thanks!!!

Says: This coin is under maintenance.

Yep, looked good when we first restarted, then showed under maintenance right after I made the post :-) But it's fixed now.

thanks a lot 😊

Thanks for re-opening this!

Good news. Thank you much. It is mean everything come to be normal again.

I go try it 👀👌😋😋😋



A lot easier than all this !!

We need to lobby all exchanges to add STEEM-HIVE and SBD-HBD pairs... Also, it would be useful to have STEEM-SBD and HIVE-HBD pairs....

Totally agree! Being added to exchanges is super bullish!!

Big win right here! 👍👍 now lets see what happens.

Ace news!

Glad to see this connection up and running again... let's hope it lasts!

qykc9j.png Ooh Happy Day ! 😊 Thank you @blocktrades 😘

@arabisouri :D ur fav exchange is back


Great News ....

Wow...that was extremely painless and convenient. Thanks for the assist.

many thanks!

Really appreciate the service of Directly exchanging STEEM. Thank you.

great news! Thanks a lot for this 👍🏻

Still not available in NY, or can you make an exception?

I wish we could. But it's a NY regulation, it's out of our hands.

All good, thanks for the reply. There's a bunch of apps/exchanges that operate in every other state, just not here. NY has shit crypto laws.

Great news.

*Reward adjustment

Great news ! :) I like it simple. Using was ok ... but this is the best way for me.


Great news, thank you for your efforts!

Perfect! Just used the service again, thanks BlockTrades

I can't believe they are still freezing your funds.. geez.

Anyway thanks for the workaround!

What is required for basic signup, to convert small amounts of tokens?

YAY ! it was difficult when steem-> hive wasn't available anymore.

Man, that sounds solid...Silly-Einstein :p
And just when i got some Steem to Ionomy :)
How much BTC for 1 Steem does Silly Einstein offer me? ;)

I'm so grateful! I instantly exchanged my powerdowned steem to hive! Last week I used BitTrex, exchanged a steem amount to Bitcoin, and transferred into my BTC wallet, but haven't got it yet. I think it's lost!

I have been warning about Bittrex since it was split to US and EU versions... There was clear signs that some of the staff had shady backgrounds... I quickly did withdraw all coins I could from there... It's quite sad that it has become shit exchange like HitBTC where big traders play and watch smaller traders lose their coins.

Let’s dumping now Steem for our love hive

Can I transfer from my Steem account to @silly-einstein, directly?

(I have 1146 Steem)

You need to get a memo from our site too.

Thanks, for getting back to me. Sorry, I'm not very tech-savvy. Can I, please, ask you to break it down for me, step-by-step, so I don't make any foolish mistakes? Thank you🙂

On this page, look for the section called "Trading Steem/SBD" (last section on page):

Just tried and got error message: Missing Active Authority silly-einstein

It sounds like you're trying to send from silly-einstein. You should be sending from your account
yahialababidi to silly-einstein

Yay, it worked :) Thank you, for your patience & being there!

hurra, but and the steem dollars?

Probably simplest thing to do is convert them to Steem, then sell the Steem.

By convert, do you mean the internal market?

Converting is slow, internal market is faster

I actually meant the convert function that uses the blockchain for the conversion, but the internal market is another option. I rarely use the internal market, because I usually need to convert a lot at once, but it probably works ok for smaller amounts.

Thank you, I'm going to try this :)

This is great. Hopefully, it holds out and allows me time to dump.

A great appreciation for you to do this. Earlier I did try with the new poleneix. It's pretty hard.. Thanks alot blocktrades.. super thumbs up... =)

Great! Today is my 1st day on Hive. Thank you for this info. Pls keep us updated!

Had been using bittrex before.

Thanks for restarting steem-hive pair.

I love how quick your service is.

@blocktrades I want to bring my steem from my wallet and exchange for hive, but I'm not sure where I'm to choose silly-einstein account. Can you help me?

If you're on our site and using the SteemConnect tab, then it will automatically fill in with silly-einstein. If you choose "Manual Transfer", then you need to fill in silly-einstein when you do the transfer from

But I recommend you use the SteemConnect method, as it is simpler and doesn't allow for mistakes.

Thank you! I used steemconnect as usual, and I did see silly-einstein there, and got my transfer done quickly! I hope I can do this until I get the rest of my steem transferred to hive, but I know they're probably going to keep messing with you. Well, I'm thankful because without you I wouldn't have gotten any of it yet. Thanks again!

Tried transferring to silly-einstein, using memo provided and got error saying it's missing active authority

Thank you for this, I could get everything that was powered down out!!
Thanks again!!

Thank you for this!

@blocktrades, Awesome. Thanks. Just performed the action. It was super quick and simple. Again, AWESOME.

This is a fantastic idea and I can't tell you how much I loved the selected name :)))
Thanks for making it easier for us!
Thank you for all your help from the start

Worked great for me. THANK YOU!!!

I don't know if I did this right. Sent 51 Steem to silly-einstein (using steempeak) with a memo to trade for hive. I've no idea what I'm doing :) 51 was a test amount. I'm in the process of powering down one of my accounts and if this goes well will move to power down the other. Thanks for your advice.

Hi, you have to get a unique memo from (you can't just put a memo of your own). The steem you sent was refunded, because our system didn't know what you wanted to do (it can't read english). Here's what you need to do:

Thank you very much for that answer. When I get up in the morning with fresh eyes I will walk through these steps. I believe I do understand that I need to get a memo and put that in the message as I trade my steem for hive (your system can't read English!). But I'll go slowly because I'm rather dense when it comes to technical matters.
Thanks again for your help.

Do you have time frame for any of the steem that was sent to @blocktrades prior to this post?

I had sent 2 transactions 25.442 steem and 19.185 steem but never showed up in my wallet.


No time frame, depends on whether Steem witnesses ever decide to "unfreeze" it if/when they decide it's not somehow a "threat to the chain" (no idea what that means, in this case).

Gracias. Necesitábamos esas orientaciones acerca de las transacciones con steem. aliriera

Very nice

Hi there, I accidentally sent some Hive to an exchange account (sorry it was a competitor) and the only tracking information I had was that @brittex sent 95 Steem to Blocktrades back in 2017. Is there anyway to contact the owner of the account?

Sorry, we wouldn't have any info on that account. I don't see any activity there, so it's likely a "dead" account, which means your funds are probably lost for good, unfortunately.

Thanks for the quick reply. Thought I'd try anyway ;-)

My transaction is Failed,help me please


I'm in the same situation and I don't get an answer

New to Hive. Tried to transfer some Ether to Hive using your platform. The Ether is out of my coinbase wallet, but nothing in my Hive account except a "Failed" transaction. How do I resolve this? (Either get the crypto back into my coinbase wallet or complete the Hive Transaction into my account wallet?

During the transaction from Hive to Eth the currency entered maintenance, how do I get my funds back?

In the support email I don't get a response.... :(

That's a nice one.

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great, thank you @blocktrades. Transaction is getting easier now

I should ask, is this still valid? I am nearing the end of my powerdown and want to be able to DUMP every bit of Steem I have as quickly as possible, preferably for Hive!

Just great, what a dumpster fire Steem has become... Out of curiosity, though I know this technically goes against your business model, could you give a brief tutorial explaining how to use other services to convert Steem to Hive?

It's not a business problem, just a time issue to explain it properly. But you should be able to find some posts on Hive about how to do it, step-by-step, using Bittrex, for example.

That makes sense! I'll look around and see what I can find. I did get my Steem I'd already powered down transferred using Blocktrades. There is still some left, but if it disappeared it wouldn't be a gigantic loss. Thanks for making such a great service for everyone on Steem and now Hive. It really is the simplest and easiest way to trade on the networks! :)

Hello @blocktrades,
I would like to ask why my account is blacklisted on your platform.
Thank you.

Hi, according to the notes, your account was exploiting a temporary pricing error for HBD on our site (these happen sometimes when we rely on a pricing source that has bad data, such as an exchange where deposits/withdrawals have been disabled, but trading is still allowed).

While this isn't illegal or anything, it's not "friendly" either, and ultimately such attacks mean we have to charge other customers more. So our policy is to just stop trading with accounts that do that.

Thank you for your quick reply.

In that time, I thought that the prices on internal market and blocktrades are a little bit apart from each other just because there were not many user interfaces of the internal market so people were not trading much HBD/HIVE (and I think there were still open orders from before hf).

Pricing error?
I knew that most exchanges - that accepted HIVE and HBD - had those currencies on maintenance mode, including Bittrex, according to which you probably set your rates. However, trading of those tokens was not stopped there. Everyone was able to sent their Bitcoins to Bittrex, change it to HIVE or HBD and hold it for a while. If you had some reserve money that you would choose to use for this purpose, you could have bought HBD at "profit" - if you were willing to bet that your HIVE that you got will stay at the same price (because of your commission, that would be pretty much like betting with edge that favors you). The only problem was that you were running out of HBD and it was not possible to transfer HBD from an exchange.

You started to enable trading without having your prices set by an exchange that enabled withdrawals/deposits, you took the risk, you chose it yourself. Punishing your clients for trading on your platform is bullshit.

Now, if you really think you had 'pricing error', why don't we see you compensating those who were trading the other way (HBD for HIVE)?