Datacenter for died, so please use for now [EDIT: fixed now]

in #blocktrades5 months ago (edited)

Apparently the datacenter in France where was located has burned down. Fortunately, you can still use our backup site,, until we can restore tomorrow.

EDIT: there was a problem still with login, as some have reported (the configuration of the backup site had strayed from that of the main site). It's fixed now.


Was any HIVE burned in the process?

Hope everyone is ok from the data center and it isn't too much of a headache for you guys to get up and running.

Burned? I believe the politically correct term is, French Fried, sir.


ahhhhhhhhhhhh smirk

Damn! Glad to hear the failover worked well.

decentralized storage ? :P or is it too expensive ?

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can't log in via, seems to redirect me to, which won't load. i can wait till tomorrow, not a big deal, figured i'd let you know though

Thanks, the site is still working ok, but login doesn't work, because there's another service that still needs to be redirected.

Your API server also seems to be down too. I couldn't get any new blocks around an hour ago.

ps. I'm sorry about the digital #BookBurning that's going on right now. That's what I think it was at least.

Yes, API server was also down for about an hour(for some separate issue by our ISP, apparently), but it's fixed now.

Thx, it's fixed now.

Thx, it's fixed now.

thanks for the response!

Oh man, fire is always a problem, as our office burnt down a few years ago and took us almost a year to recover. Now we live on back-ups.

Hope that you get it sorted soon.

OVH literally sent the data to the cloud...

Hope everyone is okay, so sorry about the fire

I try loge in there on blocktrades .info .... but it send me on blocktrades .us ... so I can not use it :((

I knew crypto was 'hot', but that's crazy. I hope nobody was hurt and you can maintain your useful services. Need to have some redundancy and fallbacks.


Keeps sending back to 🙁

Hope everyone is fine and nobody was hurt?

It's fixed now.

As for the fire, it was at an OVH site. I haven't heard any reports of injuries, but I don't know.

Oh that's unfortunate. Hope you guys can recover it quickly, best wishes.
Seriously though, who would downvote a post about accidental fire?

Ugh... the biggest BT tracker site in Slovenia also hosted there

Hope everyone is okay!!