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RE: Image Server Cluster development and maintenance

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Maybe I misread your comment a bit. Are you asking for a post on details about how the DHF works? If so, here's an old post on the subject:


I was. So you read it correctly. And I did read the post. My question is, is there any changes to the system since that post is written during the steem days.

More specifically I was asking, how a general public find a basic audit of the DHF. Is it possible to implement a audit trail, or is there any plans for it?

Also almost an afterthought, is the equivalent hive related to Steem INC. 's stake part of the DHF? What's its status and potential use?

The actual mechanism for generating new funds via coin creation was decided after that post, but ultimately it was decided to use 10% of the author/curator reward pool to fund it (IIRC, Steemit coded the final version after discussions with community witnesses and large stakeholders).

Any of the frontends could add some dashboard with more info about the fund (i.e. I don't think any blockchain-level changes are needed). I think the main issue would be to figure out what information would be useful to display.

In the airdrop process, an amount equivalent to the Steemit stake was airdropped to the DHF as Hive, keeping the supply of Hive the same as Steem had.

Currently it is not spendable, as the DHF can only fund proposals via Hive Dollars, but there is an open issue being worked by @howo to add a process that periodically converts some of the Hive in the DHF account to Hive Dollars. I'm not sure yet if that new code will be included in the next HF or not, mostly depends on when it's fully tested I suppose.

There's also an issue of deciding how fast that conversion should take place. I've seen suggestions of between 3-10 years.

Thanks! This a helpful. I need to bookmark this reply for future reference.

For the record, although I did a fair bit of the initial implementation @netuoso has taken over and finished development for that feature. We just need to do some more tests.