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RE: BlockTrades will soon be offering full exchange services (in addition to “instant exchange” service)

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Sounds great!

So are you saying I won’t be able to use the instant exchange to swap my liquid Steem for more Hive? I can only do that by verifying my identity and using the new trade-matching process?

If so, why?


I wanted to clarify this as well @blocktrades.

Are you saying we can swap between Hive & the other coins (but not STEEM) on the instant exchange (which requires only an email for up to $1750 in trades per day), but that we can only swap STEEM for all of those other coins on the new exchange, which requires some sort of proof of strawman in order to access?

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Proof of strawman. Lol 😂 . Funny you.

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As government mandate every exchange user must have KYC, perhaps if that's the case. I already submitted my identity to blocktrades couple of months ago... Today I have no idea.

Taking into account that @blocktrades is removing STEEM from the "instant exchange" platform and only making it available on the trade-matching exchange, which requires identity verification, the answer to your question is yes. STEEM -> Anything seems to require identity verification.