Also, we plan to open up briefly in a few weeks on a different account, to allow people to sell their Steem. But we're waiting a couple of weeks, to allow people who are powering down to get a decent amount built up to sell, since we can only leave it open for a limited time.

Thank you! I appreciate it. I know I'm just a small user, but your service is really painless. I will look into bittrex too.

I'm looking forward, and powering my Steem down continuously, then convert to Hive and BTC.

I strongly advise against poloniex. Try It is complicated, but at least it's safe.

Does anybody have a referral link for bittrex? I'll probably sign up today.

You don't need any referral link, just register! You must verify your identity!

@blocktrades, Oh, yes! I registered yesterday and used it, fast and safe!

Damn, wish i could do that. Being an AmeriBurger, both Bittrex and Poloniex are off limits to me. Sucks.

But... you said there might be a chance for reponening Steem trading for a period of time in a couple weeks? I can wait for that