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RE: BlockTrades trade-matching exchange now live: trade BTC, HIVE, STEEM, etc

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What do you mean by Balkans? Balkans is not a country. Does Croatia fit in "Balkans" in your understanding of it.

I was hoping for something different then trading on Bitshares, maybe something that could integrate the keychain down the line.
Bitshares is slow, often nodes are down, has low volume, i have to track another wallet and password.

Its just too much of a hassle. Ill stick with your regular service.


It's a good question, I've asked our lawyer to research what countries we have to exclude again and change the wording appropriately.

I agree about the node problem on BitShares, but we'll be launching a few of our own soon to increase stability, and give them preference on our BitShares wallet. Probably take a week or so, though. We'll also look into methods to encourage liquidity.

And, even so, I agree that many people will prefer our regular service. This is mostly about giving people more options.

Looks like no Balkan countries have to be excluded nowadays. I've edited the post accordingly, thanks for pointing this out.