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RE: BlockTrades will soon be offering full exchange services (in addition to “instant exchange” service)

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do you have to pass on the identity information to authorities or is it remaining on servers for some time until they are needed by authorities?


It's only passed along if requested or if transactions exceed $10K USD in a day. Or if transactions are somehow deemed suspicious.

I'm assuming that the authorities will be asking Justin Sun for an explanation of his recent trading activities 😂👍🏃

It just requires an email address to sign up for trades below $1750. I'm assuming that if you trade more than that then the IRS will need you to keep records of your trades for tax purposes?


We're required to keep all records of trades, even if no identity info other than email associated. Also, for the new exchange, the trades will be on a public blockchain anyways.

Cool that answers @maxsieg 53 question perfectly. 👍