The current storage costs aren't that bad, and limiting by post probably isn't useful (after all, people could just make more posts).

Yes instead a little problem could be the repeated images. I guess a lot of users upload the same image multiple times instead of using the link of the image. For example when they write a post and modify the post deleting an image, adding some text and then update again the image.
At the beginning I did it too. :)
Is it a problem for you?

No, as long as it's the same image, it's not a problem, because the system automatically detects duplicates.

Oh that's good...better like this, but it check just the name of the file isn't it?

No, it checks the actual contents of the image, not the name of the file.

Wow cool!! ;) Thanks for the info

Okay, I understand and it was just a thought.
Did the vote in any case, as you guys do important work to improve Hive.
Take care!