Apparently some kind of fork to freeze stake on Steem. 7 or more witnesses are already running it apparently, many that didn't exist until extremely recently.

Freeze who’s stake? Esteem won’t let me click Illini on mobile.

It's hard to say for sure, but it sounds like any large stakes that weren't supporting Justin Sun.

Each of these guys should report this as a financial crime with their local financial crime and cybercrime law enforcement division.

Yea pulled it up on steempeak on my browser. Well, steem might be going into more shit. At least .2 was public. I assume this is an attempt for more censorship.

their claim of never freezing anyone's stake didn't age very well

Also what does

We'll suggest no more than 20 accounts be included in the list.

Will it be 20 people who are blocked from those actions, what even are the actions? But the points right above it makes it sound like thousands of accounts won’t be able to do those actions.

The post is riddled with technical and factual errors. It's not surprising that it also seems pretty contradictory about who will be frozen.