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RE: BlockTrades trade-matching exchange now live: trade BTC, HIVE, STEEM, etc

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I've recently used your Blocktrades service to swap STEEM and HIVE, as recent as just before. I had no issues making a simple account and making the trades to the token account I selected. However, when trying to do a second conversion tonight just now, Blocktrades' site is giving me a consent challenge for access to lots of my information.

  1. Why is this happening now after 3 successful trades?

  2. Can I avoid giving consent for this extensive list of information I've never been prompted with before?

Thank you.


We're tweaking the OAUTH code for the web site as we're adding support for multiple languages.

But in reality, you're not sharing any more data that you ever would. That message is mostly important when you're accessing our site from a third party site. When it's our own site, it's essentially meaningless. And yes, it's annoying that it does it, because it does seem like a scary message.

Thanks for the speedy response.

With the Blocktrades exchange site, I know that price movements happen and there can be gaps, but is it typical to see an advertised projected conversion of .725 ETH be delivered as .678 ETH in less than a minute? It's only a few bucks, but when trying to optimize, that feels like a bit large of a gap when the other times I swapped tokens resulted in much closer numbers (acknowledging that fees are involved).

No, that is pretty unusual. The estimates account for all fees, including transfer fees. If hive was the other coin, it's worth noting that the price has been fluctuating pretty rapidly in the past day or so.