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RE: Setting the record straight on Steemit payments

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Ned's secrecy of everything was so weird and was one of the biggest reasons I never trusted him. Even simple benign things he would high and be deceptive about.

It's odd how they would make any claims now as there isn't anyone at Steemit that has a clue wtf they are doing or talking about at this point since everyone is gone.


I agree that they are relatively clueless there now, at least when it comes to technical and marketing issues, but it seems like the new management at Steemit pretty much has to know how the company was financed before they took it over.

This was literally 90% or more of Steemit's entire revenue, and even the most primitive form of due diligence would have made that obvious.

Justin Sun is not against using lies to spin the truth in his favor. Likely more of the same shit we saw with the takeover and the events that lead up to Hive.

He claimed to not know about the obligations of Steemit Inc stake and didn't do even simple due diligence to figure it out but I never bought that story and think he and Ned were in cahoots on how this would go down.

Somethings fishy about NED and JUSTIN...

NED and JUSTIN sitting in a tree

I hate these 2 guys! No care to people who help them! They did destroy the dreams of all people in STEEMIT. But thank you to the people who made the HIVE to show to them that we can build a new life here! (^_^)