World Champion Team Analysis - English

France is the new champion of the cup the world and the less cold we said for of homage, is a liltle analysis of the template that conquered the world in Russia 2018. France have cadre holder of fear and several players in the banking that have the same level that have the same level as the owners but that for reasons of technical tastes maybe,they did not win the position for this football world cup.

GOALKEEPER: Hugo Lloris 31 Hugo Lloris 31 (Tottenham, England)

This veteran goalkeeper has developed most of his football career in England having gone through Olympique Lyonnais and although he has maintained a low profile throughout it, he has been a long-time holder of the French national team, always with great safety under the three clubs and with a great start when France comes out playing from below. The emerged of the Nice of France won the world cup in the third world cup that I dispute with the French team, always with great security under the three clubs and with a great start when France comes out playing from below. The emerged of the Nice of France won the world cup in the third world cup that I dispute with the French national team (2010. 2014, 2018)


RIGHT DEFENDER: Benjamin Pavard 22 (Stuttgart, Germany)

Debuted in the Lille of France for of there happening to the Stuttgart of Germany that played in the second division of that country, obtained the ascent always being titular and became unquestionable in the equipment; meanwhile in the selection of France was selected for the sub 19 and the sub 21 of the country Galo, making his debut in the selection May in November of 2017, just 8 months before the World Cup, and from there, after several tests that the French coach put him, he became the undisputed starter at 22 years old and the rest is history, he scored a goal to Argentina and was world champion .


CENTRAL DEFENSE: Raphael Varane 25 (Real Madrid, Spain)

Since the fiction Real Madrid this young player promised great things, and although he suffered to gain ownership, in the end I move to an undisputed white team as it was "Pepe" and became the undisputed starter, has 4 Champions with Real Madrid and he has been with France for 3 years, and this year he was instrumental in winning the championship by playing all the games over Samuel Umtiti.
Also this year Raphael went into the history of football entering the select group of players who won the Champions League and the World Cup in the same year.


CENTRAL DEFENSE: Samuel Umtiti 24 (Barcelona, España)
One of the biggest players of this french generation that at his young age counts with an important path travelled in the maximum level of clubs of the world, despite being the holder with the french selection, Samuel hasn’t achieve to consolidate with the Barcelona club because of the moment he’s living with the catalan team, however, he has merits for being holder in both squares and enough with the big seasons he had with the Olympique de Lyon. In this world cup he just lost one game in that


LEFT DEFENDER:Lucas Hernández 22 (Atlético Madrid, Spain)

The young defender from the Atletico Madrid brother of the also defender from Real Madrid, Theo Hernandez, has clarified in statements subsequent to the finals of the world cup that the Cholo Simeone, technical director of the Atletico, has changed his life, because he ensures that the argentine technician has teached him a lot about football and that’s why he achieved to be the player he is today, thanks to him, also assure that his game style fit with the french’s style because he ensures that french and Atletico play the same, locked back in the field and start from there with the attacks. Hernandez, same as Pavard barely debuted months before the world cup, in march specifically and from there he became the best defender of this tournament.


LEFT DEFENDER: Blaise Matuidi 31 (Juventus, Italy)

This veteran half-camper that Juventus stole from Paris Saint Germain for an excellent price, is a dynamic player with a lot of recovery of the ball and with great contributions to the offensive game of the teams where he has participated, Matuidi started on the bench this cup of world since the chosen one was the Player of the Bayern Munchen Tolisso, that came playing of titular the preparation games of the French selection, however, already in the first game of the Tolisso World Cup he did not convince and Matuidi entered to do his thing to the field, from this moment he started with the exception of the game against Denmark in which there were several rotations and the game against Uruguay due to a slight overload muscular, Matuidi was undoubtedly a key player for this title.


MIDFIELDER: N'Golo Kante 27 (Chelsea, England)

The most important position in the field of play for any team that aspires to have balance in its game, is the average of contention, without a player that recovers the ball when the team loses possession, there is no way to generate a volume of game that allows you to compete at any level of any league. This French player of humble origin spent his childhood and youth picking up trash with his father to survive, however fortunately football still rewards the talent and achievement debut in the Caen of France, where his great performances led him to be signed by the Leicester City of England, yes, that team that managed to be champion in the land of Titans a few years ago, from there immediately went to Chelsea where he returned to be the engine of the team and were champions again, on a personal basis the best half player of the world's the last four years, and yes, they can say the name of Casemiro but Kante has revived in a better version that historical French player Claude Makelele and if they do not believe it, see it when playing balance the whole game, and run what 2 or 3 players together. definitely; "The King without a crown".


MIXED MIDFIELDER: Paul Pogba 25 (Manchester United, England)

The new Zidane as many have called him now is a complete player, a mature player who knows how to take the times of the game and recognizes the perfect moment to orchestrate the off-hook of his team to the attack and has contributed enough for the achievement of this cup of the world , however, he’s not yet that player who could manage to go down in history as one of the best media in history, however, they sold it to Manchester United, and it is not a criticism but a current status of this great player , that to continue like this, surely will manage to increase it’s level of game to be able to be the central axis of a team and to be able to say that it’s of those players that obtain titles.


FORWARD: Kyllian Mbappé 19 (PSG, France)

He will be 20 years old on his Birthday in the month of December that’s coming, yet looks like he has more than 10 years playing football, Mbappé is one of those players we won’t see in many years, he is, possibly and despite we couldn’t see how disciplined he’s going to be, the successor of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. At age 17 he was already champion of France with the Monaco and at age 18 he was one of the best 10 players of the world, today at 19 years old he is champion of the word with France, carrying the iconic number 10 shirt; the explosivity of this player is impressive, 37 km/h with the ball on his feet, same as Lionel Messi in his record, Mbappé scored 4 goals in this tournament and won the price to better player under 23 years old, nevertheless he deserved more. Fortunately there are many years to see in the field with this great football player.


LEFT FORWARD: Antoine Griezman 27 (Atletico de Madrid, Spain)

Antoine Griezman, a Frenchman who has made his entire career in the Spanish league, started in the second division in the Real Sociedad, team with which he ascended and which took to dispute a Champions League, impressive achievement for a team like Anoeta, from there I went to Atlético and the T-shirt was not too small, I lost two Champions League finals against Real Madrid and a Eurocup final against Portugal, it seemed that Griezman was cursed, however, in this world cup with goals, imbalance and character, He showed that he is a leader in the field and does not get scared when there is a decisive moment, Antoine, winner of the silver ball in this world cup just behind Luka Modric from Croatia, is the key player in France to have won this World Cup.


FORWARD CENTER: Oliver Giroud 31 (Chelsea, England)
Two incredible seasons at Montpellier brought him to Arsenal in 2012, a team with which he was the undisputed starter until in January of this year Arsenal bought Pierre Emerick Aubameyang and thanked his last great striker. He arrived at Chelsea where he quickly showed his great conditions of post and setter and quickly sat on the bench to the new Spanish reinforcement of Chelsea Alvaro Morata, closed the season at a high level and secured his place among the 23 selected from France, however for the first match of the world cup against Australia, the French coach bet on playing without a fixed nine and gave the opportunity to Barcelona player Ousmane Dembele, however this tactical stop did not work and Giroud came to compose things for the set French, from there did not release the ownership in the whole world and was consecrated world champion with his teammates, contributing that post function that allowed Mbappe and Griezman could play freely and had large spaces.


On top of that the french selection counts with a deluxe banking, to begin they left beside of the call Alexandre Lacazette from the England’s Arsenal football club and Adien Rabiot from the Saint Germain of Paris, if they had an injure or any discharge in the game, in the bank they had high caliber names as: Thomas Lemas, ex player from Monaco and new re inforcement of the Atletico Madrid, Ousmane Dembele, jewel from the Barcelona that could have been titular but didn’t adapted to the game system, Steven N´Zonzi from Sevilla in the Spain league, Benjamin Mendy, defender of the Manchester City, Nabil Fekir del Olympique de Lyon that is almost a fact his pass to the Liverpool of England and what to tell about Tolisso, Ramy and Florian Thauvin, definitely and impressive staff is the french team, many selections wish to have the titulars of who in Paris are the banking. Congratulations to the french football selection for this great generation of players.

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