Another day another appointment// daily photography day 218 (2017)

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This was back in 2017 when I had another therapy appointment. I kinda hated traveling an hour to this appointment. I usually prefer something closer so that in case the ride doesn't show up for some reason, my grandmother can come to get me. This place being an hour away, I am somewhere I am not familiar with, alone. No money to take transport etc
I spend some time getting ready only to get home and my mom gets mad and accuses me of "sneaking" meaning waiting until she left. For the record, she left before I even got up. I got up maybe an hour after she left or so. She always complains I never take my time when I get ready and be looking "any kind of way" but the one time I actually spend time getting ready, she's mad. When you're autistic, you can't win for losing with people. Because they use your communication struggles to their advantage.

She got mad that I tried putting on makeup. All I used is lip gloss and the stuff that outlines your eyebrows. Saying I looked "old" when I am wearing what she bought me. I can't possibly know how "old" people dress nor keep up with every single style for quote-on-quote old people. My mom doesn't realize younger people can like older fashion just like they can like older music.
You can't win for losing with someone who won't actually communicate what they want and expect you to read minds.

I am going to do the daily photography challenge every other day. I would rather do that than to feel rushed and burn out.

I am debating pm whether or not I am doing vlogmas. If not for the 25 days I will do it for the 12 days until Christmas.
When I do vlog challenges I notice that when my earnings drop. As a small ill creator, I cannot afford my earnings to dip and I have to increase my postings to compensate.