A Soft Landscaping Job.

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Hiya Guys,

Last week was a busy one, I took on a landscaping job that a lovely lady asked for me to do.

This customer was really upset when I first met her as she had higher someone else to do some garden work and she got messed around, not only with the work but they also took a lot of money from her and never completed the job.

My first job was to rotavate the ground, as it was all bumpy and needed sorting before I could add weed fabric down.

I used the heavy-duty stuff because the thinner stuff doesn't seem to keep them weeds at bay.


Now you might be wondering why there is fabric going up the fence, well this is to help stop ivy from coming in through it and she wants another fence to put over the fabric. this is a job for a later time.

After laying the fabric down it was time to add 4 tuns of pea shingle down to make it look like a new garden.



you can see the difference the pebbles make, they make it look more modern and her having chickens gives them a good surface to get to them.

The next job on the list was to sort out the grassed area, this had seen better days as it had died in places and had native weeds growing everywhere.



So before doing this job, I talked to the customer about her options, and we decided that grass would be the best way forward.

So I got to work taking up the old grassed area and rotavating this section to get it flat. then I added another 2 tuns of topsoil to raise the grassed area up to meet under the wall.

Then I ordered from a premium grass supplier to get the best grass on the market, this was not cheap but looked amazing once it was rolled down.




I think the garden turned out to be a cracking space for her and her family to spend time in the sun.

Hope you all like it.

happy days