Am Quitting ...

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When I was drowned, I swam with a lot of hardships and saw the truth. The more iron is beaten, the stronger it is.

Some stones could make some difficulties, but not helpless! I will move away. Of course, I'll find an even road if I have a will. And after reaching I'll not come back.

Someone used to call me fragile, whom I used to obey a lot.

I know how to break from within and scatter into pieces. And I have the power to stand up. But now I am tired, I'm really tired to see these rubbish politics.

I am quitting to fix me!


very beautiful words

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heart broken 😞😞😞😞 miss you lot.

We were like a family ❣️
I'm gonna miss you all 😢


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I thought you are mentally strong but I am wrong. You are mentally so weak. Anyway your life. So how you lead your life it's your choice.

😂😂 quality content creator o akhon cheetah er kobole eta haissomor 😂

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apnar moto fajil er pallay porsilam!

Ami abar ki korlam 🙄.

Ami to vablam eita bujhi cheetah bot er error 🙄.

oi messenger group er pothik ase na?
will tell you details on DM.

Okay pu!

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