Introduction and Launching of Brotherhood Community

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Authored by @coolguy123

Hello Hive Community,

logo_brotherhood_03_20 (1).png
We hope you all are doing good whether it's blogging or playing games or even sharing your photography on Hive.
Hive has been excelling with other Cryptos and there are more activities on Hive than other Social Blockchains thanks to the Web 3 enabled Hive and numerous dapps it supports!!!!
Let us introduce ourselves before we go into further details as part of this blog.


Brotherhood Community:

While we are not new to blogging and curation (Brotherhood was there on earlier blockchain of Steemit), we are just starting our activities on Hive and as mentioned, @brotherhood account use to support the authors with curation on earlier blockchain and we would like to extend it further on Hive by creating a community called Brotherhood.
As a First step, we have created a dedicated account @bhdc to be the account that will be used for blogging, curation and commenting for the Brotherhood community and we are starting this account with 40K Hive Power and will be adding more Hive Power to it in order to curate more Hive Blogs.


Why Brotherhood Community?

Well, we are just starting as a curation community like other curation accounts we already have BUT with a little change.
Brotherhood community will be supporting the genuine contents on Hive irrespective of tribes and we will be searching for your awesome genuine blogs and provide that extra push in earning you some additional Hive/HBD for you thru our curation.
We will be starting to support those blogs which are awesome yet failed to catch the eyes of those huge votes with as much support we can provide in order to give that missing extra support.


How does Brotherhood community works?

We will start with our own curation team (Yes, there will be some openings on this and we will update at the soon on this) and will scan the Hive blogs to pick 4 to 5 blogs to start with and give 100% vote of the 40K HP we have right now and as we grow, we will increase the number of blogs to be supported by reducing the voting weight yet give the authors same amount of voting return.
We will also start with a dedicated Discord channel with post promotion option so as to receive the links to those genuine contents created by you and we will be picking the required number of blogs we could support and it will be as easy as that for you to receive that extra support on those Gaming or Sports or Art related ones or even those awesome photography and details of the same of your trip to that dream destination of you!!!!!!


Regarding Curation:

We will be manually curating the blogs by picking from the pool of blog links we will receive in our dedicated Discord channel and we will highlight those on daily basis in our daily update blogs by giving a brief information about the blog and points on why we selected that wherever possible.
Plagiarism of any kind will not be encouraged as we will be looking for genuine content and we will be giving warnings initially if we find any plagiarized content and then followed with a ban and we may even report it to HiveWatchers for further action.


Support Us To Support You and Others:

While it's early days, we have plans to expand this beyond just curation of 4 to 5 blogs on daily basis by expanding our account to support more with accepting delegations from those of you who can't spend time to vote and utilize that Hive Power you have and in return, we will be sharing the Hive we get and also support further by curating your blogs with some percent of voting from the account and also planning to come up with our own token as we grow.
But as we mentioned, these will be in our planning as we grow and we seek your support to grow along with you and support more of your works.


Thanks for reading this guys and we will be awaiting for your suggestions and points and do provide us as comments.
We will be back with further details in our upcoming blogs.
Our vote of thanks goes to @navidjahanshahi and @coolguy123.
@navidjahanshahi created the awesome graphics in the form of the banners and logos for our community and @coolguy123 is the author of this blog and he will also be working as curator for us.
Here are the details of the Brotherhood account and Discord channel:
Brotherhood Account: bhdc (please use this for Hive Power delegation).



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Saludos a todo el equipo de la comunidad espero ser parte de ella y poder compartir mis proyectos y creación con ustedes.

Por acá le dejo mi último trabajo para que lo revisen.

Excelente les deseo mucho éxito en este nuevo paso.


Espero poder compartir mi contenido en la comunidad quisiera saber cual es el enlace para escribir la publicación.