How To Start A Blog on CBNT & Why

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From my experience on CBNT, I will show you how to create a blog that functions well here.

CBNT is a decentralized blog platform, but it’s also a community,for the high-quality blog content. The ranking algorithm is mainly based on the content quality, the likes, and comments. You can find your own posts on New column, and also you can find hot/popular news too, including your own hot posts.

Why would you start your blog on CBNT?

  1. Make money: CBNT is a tokenized blog platform. All the likes and comments the posts received will be converted into tokens, and can be traded on exchange. We know that on traditional media platforms, only top bloggers can monetize their content by selling advertising space, using google Adsense, or selling their own product or services, but this process is tough and only the popular blogs can really get benefits. But on CBNT, even you are a starter, even it’s only one post, you can still get benefit from it if the content is good enough to get recognition from other users.

  2. Promote your business: Your own website URL can be added on the content and there is no review generally on the post publishing; tons of users may follow you because of your hot post and thus lead traffics to your website and promote your business finally.

How to start a blog on CBNT?

Choose a username: the username may be your blog name/business name

Create an account on CBNT: register with the username/blog name

Customize your profile: fill out profile cover, logo, description, website URL.

Publish your post: make sure the post is high quality, fun or helpful to others to get more people to read, view and like your content.

Hope this guide is helpful to you. Whether you want to share your personal life or promote your business, CBNT can aid to do that, and also help you to gain extra benefits.



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