Interesting facts about Pericles

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Hey dear community, first of all I hope that you all had a weekend that was full of positive experiences! Today I would like to talk a little about ancient Greece and hope you can expand your knowledge.


Here you can see pictures of a sculpture of the Greek politician Pericles, which played a particularly important role in ancient Athens and changed ancient Greece in many ways and, among other things, was considered the inventor of democracy and supported the culture in Athens and was also extremely skilful from a diplomatic point of view. He attached great importance to politics and strongly promoted this way of thinking and he made sure that other people were also allowed to come into politics who came from poor conditions even though he himself came from the nobility and he also supported that also young adults should have a right to vote and he regularly held events where people could express their wishes and he was known for having brought the morale of the citizens to a good level and he was also considered a great supporter of art or culture. One of his best-known works was a construction program in the Acropolis and it spread throughout Greece that under his rule a whole new momentum came to Athens and many poets, potent, architects decided to go to Athens in order to be able to pursue their passion. Both from a military and diplomatic point of view, he was extremely skilful and has and managed to develop good strategies and was also able to end some wars in this way and his time is also considered the golden age of Athens. Under his leadership, numerous important buildings were built in Athens and he managed to make Athens a powerful center and he was typically depicted with a Corinthian helmet and there are assumptions that he had a strange head shape which was very embarrassing for him and he therefore wore this helmet particularly often and to cover this place which according to tradition is supposed to be somewhat reminiscent of an onion. He was particularly popular from a domestic political point of view and he managed to increase prosperity in Athens and is still considered one of the most legendary personalities of his time.


Thanks for stopping by and I hope you could learn something new about greek history! I captured these pictures with my Camera Sony Alpha 6000 plus 55-210 mm lens.


This post has increased my knowledge a lot, I didn't know anything about it before.

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