Skyphos in Ancient Greece

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Hey dear community, at the beginning I would like to wish you all a nice contribution and hope you had a pleasant start to the new weekend! In this post, I would like to talk a little about ancient Greece and hope you can expand your knowledge.

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Here you can see pictures of a Skyphos which is a typical drinking vessel from ancient Greece and has mostly been made of clay and decorated with patterns, figures or paintings. This specimen probably comes from the 2nd century bc and typical of these vessels was a wide opening which was slightly curved inwards so that you could drink better from it as well as handles so that it could be handled more easily and it is one of the objects for daily use which were widely spread in ancient Greece and numerous different variations have been created. From old representations it is clear that the Skyphos is usually held in the right hand to drink from it and on the lower part there was a foot so that it could it stand more easily and because of the handling it was particularly appreciated and later it also spread among the Romans and was welcome at cultural events and because of the varied nature an elegant drinking vessel to amaze people. In the course of time you can recognize a change in the methods of production and some different shapes have also been created with closed openings and in the ornaments you can see temporal differences and at the side it was painted with ornaments or entire scenes of the history and often you can find paintings with mythological scenes and it was also often used to consume wine and was decorated with scenes from the Dionysus cult. Due to the differences in production, the approximate time of production can be predicted and is assumed that the models of the first specimens could come from Corinth and it appears again and again in old writings and it was less popular in some places of Greece and drinking bowls or other vessels were used instead. Because of the weight, people often resorted to lighter vessels to drink and it was particularly popular as a gift and decoration and it is a good example to go into one of the most important objects of everyday life from ancient Greece, unfortunately the photos look a bit blurred because the Skyphos was behind glass.

_DSC2410 2.jpg

_DSC2410 2.jpg

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you could learn something new about history! I captured these pictures with my Camera Sony Alpha 6000 plus 55-210 mm lens.


Such designs are very special and beautiful to look at.