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Hey dear Hive community, first of all I would like to welcome you all to my contribution and hope you had a great year which has brought many experiences into your life and in addition, I would like to wish you all a good start into the new year 2024! In order to celebrate the new year, I have decided to organise a small giveaway and hope that one or the other will participate.


As in a giveaway before, I decided to send the income that this post generates to @collinz who is together with @mcsamm the manager of the Borehole project in Ghana and who wants to learn more about it can find a contribution to this project here. 14 boreholes have already been built in Ghana with the help of the Hive community and I think it's amazing to see how Hive can help to improve the infrastructure in other countries. In addition to the income of the post, I will donate 20 Hive + 1 additional Hive for each participant and think this is a good way to support the project a little, if you don't know the project yet, I can definitely recommend taking a look at it.

To participate in this Giveaway:

  • Upvote this post
  • Write a comment with #Splinterlands
  • Reblog this post (optionally)

These are the prices:

  • First place: Three Chaos Packs
  • Second place: Two Chaos Packs
  • Third place: One Chaos Pack + 500 DEC
  • Fourth place: 1000 DEC
  • Fifth place: 500 DEC

Even if you as a participant do not win any of the above prizes, I will send each participant a card as a consolation prize and the winners will be published in a few days!


I have seen the bore hole project post and I am really impressed by there effort and commitment towards spreading hive all over Ghana and also meeting the needs of the people. Water is an essential needs of the people that have direct impact on their health, with good, clean and pure water supply alot of disease can be prevent. #splinterlands

Thanks for the recognition and your support for the impactful journey in Ghana.

count me in




Happy New Year and more success to Splinterlands & Borehole project!

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Hive community is really doing a great work around our society which is great to see

count me in




I am really missing out by not playing this game

Thanks for the chance!!! Happy New Year to all!!! #Splinterlands

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