The artist Mathilde von König-tardif

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Hey dear community, first of all I would like to welcome you all to my new post and hope you had a day that was full of positive experiences! Today I would like to talk a little about art history and hope you can expand your knowledge a little.


Here you can see some works of the French painter Mathilde von König-tardif (1872 - 1929) who was born in the historic French port city of Marseille. By the way, the Greeks who besieged the French coast at that time were involved in the foundation of Marseille and it came to the fact that the potential of the location was quickly recognized and the city was made to one of the most important trading posts of the time and a few centuries later the Greeks were replaced by the Romans. Back to Mathilde von König-tardif who already discovered a passion for art in her youth and she decided to go to the capital Paris where she had visited an academy for art and here she also met her husband Leo von König (1871 - 1944) who has made a good reputation as a painter and in the past I have already dealt with him in more detail and if you want to expand his knowledge, you will find my contribution here. The two often exhibited their works together and traveled a lot through the area where the artist couple had collected numerous influences and they were particularly enthusiastic about the countries Spain or Portugal and decided to adopt a daughter. For a long time, the two lived in Berlin where they had often exhibited their works with the artist group Berlin Secession and in 1920 the couple divorced and in 1929 she died in the house of Leo von König's parents. The works are just one of the numerous examples of her artistic masterpiece and she was known for not specializing in an art direction and was considered relatively eager to experiment and liked to try out different styles and she also liked to orient herself to French culture as can be seen in these artworks.






Thank you for stopping by and I hope you could learn something new about art history! I captured these pictures with my Camera Sony Alpha 6000 plus 55-210 mm lens!


It is always interesting to see that those types of people work still lives on even after their death

Happy to hear that you are interested in this great artist and also appreciate her works!

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Very beautiful paintings and a great artist no doubt. Very well work.

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Those symbols passed across strong messages across which is quite great to see

Her works are really fabulous!

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Artists work so hard to create such beautiful things and then show it to us and we are very happy.

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Most welcome dear.