The forge of Hephaestus

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Hey dear community, first of all I would like to welcome you all to my contribution and hope you were able to have a day that was full of interesting experiences! In this post, I would like to talk a little about mythology and hope you can expand your knowledge.

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Here you can see some pictures of fire as well as artworks that are supposed to represent the god of fire and blacksmithing Hephaestus from Greek mythology and in this post I would like to write in particular about legends about his forge. He is also considered one of the best-known Olympian deities and his task was to produce weapons, armor and other metal objects for the gods and his mystical works appear everywhere and he has created, for example, the weapons for Achilles, the trident for Poseidon, the arrows for Artemis and Apollo and many more and he even appears as a creator of artificial beings such as Pandora or Talos, who is also considered the precursor of the automated robots. He was master of fire and himself immune to heat and even lava didn't cause him any problems and according to legends he had his forge in the lower part of a volcano on the island of Lemnos where he had created his works together with the Cyclops and Bia and he also often recruited new helpers from different ranks. People thought that when the volcano is currently active Hephaestus is at work and he was also often considered an angry god and to tame his anger, people brought him offerings and it is suspected that his cult was also widespread on the island of Lemnos and also Vulcan which is known as the equivalent of him from Roman mythology had its forge inside Mount Etna in Sicily. One of his most important places of worship was his temple in the city of Athens which is still very well preserved to this day and in the closer area of the temple there worked many blacksmiths who were under his protection and according to other legends he also had a forge on Olympus and because of the different variations it can be assumed that he had more forges and he was considered extremely imaginative when it came to creating his works and was especially appreciated for his creativity and his supernatural works with magical abilities probably shape the entire Greek mythology.

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Thanks a lot for stopping by and I hope you could learn something new about mythology! I captured these pictures with my Camera Sony Alpha 6000 plus 55-210 mm lens.


Whenever a fire is burnt in this way during winter, that time is always remembered.