The History of Bavaria

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Hey dear community, first of all I would like to welcome you all to my contribution and hope you had a day that was full of positive experiences! Today I would like to go into history and hope you can expand your knowledge.


Here you can see a work of art that contains a typical symbol of Bavaria like the lion which is an important symbol that can be found in monuments or coats of arms and in the middle you can see the typical coat of arms which is held in the color blue and white as well as a crown. These various heraldic symbols have a centuries-old tradition and important symbols are also the Blue panther which is an important symbol for Lower or Upper Bavaria, the black lion which symbolizes Swabia and also the Franconian administrative districts are often represented with a red and wise rake. Bavaria is one of the oldest states of Europe and the beginnings can already be traced back to the beginning of the Middle Ages and the first duke was probably Garibald I, who came from the family of the Agilolfings. Before this time, the Bavarian territory was still part of the Roman Empire and the Merovingians also had a lot of influence on a large part and with the decreasing influence of the Merovingians in the 7th century, the power influences changed fundamentally and a century later, the Carolingians were in power. For long centuries, the dynasty of the Carolingians had a great influence and those who contributed a large part to the development of Bavaria were the Welfs as well as the Wittelsbacher and until the 20th century, Bavaria was under the influence of the Wittelsbacher. For a long time there were numerous divisions in Bavaria and some fights when it came to the influence and at that times it happened that some parts of Bavaria were besieged by Austrian troops. Bavaria became a kingdom in 1806 and the kingdom was then strongly connected to France, which was ruled by Napoleon at that time and together the two kingdoms exerted a lot of military influence and in 1918 it happened that the rule of the Wittelsbachers was ended and Bavaria was declared a free state.



Thanks a lot for stopping by and I hope you could learn something new about history! I captured these pictures with my Camera Sony Alpha 6000 plus 55-210 mm lens!


It looks like two Lions are protecting this.

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