The Painter Philip Guston

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Hey dear community, welcome to my post and I hope you are all well and you have made numerous positive experiences today! Today I decided to go into art history and bring you a little closer to an artist and hope you find the post interesting on one side and can learn something new on the other.


Here you can see a work of art by Philip Guston (1913 - 1980) who was a well-known representative of Expressionism and became known for his very own style, which has often drifted into the abstract. He was born in 1913 in the Canadian city of Montreal and in his early childhood his family emigrated to the United States and already then he knew that he once became an artist and began to deal with art in many ways and he decided to attend a school in the city of Los Angeles that had focused on art. There were various influences at the time that inspired him for his works and he was especially enthusiastic about Mexican artists or culture and his mother also had a lot of influence on him at the time and wanted him to draw cartoons and his works that he created at that time were very scandalous at the time that he even had to leave school. In 1935 he moved to New York and he began to deal more and more with the art from Europe and got to know well-known painters such as Picassso, Goya and he also went a lot into the different epochs and the style of the Renaissance had a special influence on him. He also dealt with numerous other epochs and he combined these different influences into his own style and his works became more and more popular and in addition he made numerous acquaintances with other artists and he changed his style at that time and began to deal with the abstract as well as figurative and he quickly became one of the most important painters of Expressionism. During his career as an artist, he regularly received awards and was able to visit numerous exhibitions and in addition he traveled a lot and a few years later he even decided to teach art and internationally there are numerous places where his works are exhibited.


Thank you for stopping by and I hope you could learn something new about art! I captured these pictures with my Camera Sony Alpha 6000 plus 55-210 mm lens!


This is really a great work been done

Good to know that you are also interested in art.

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This is really looking so awesome 😎

Quite expressive. Very well work.

Happy that you like his works

This is really an impressive work that so much of effort must have been invested in it

The artist has put a lot of effort into it.

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