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Are you aware of the amazing benefits of wheat?
It might interest you to know that scientific studies have revealed that the intake of grain-based products and whole grains such as wheat is linked with a reduced risk of age-related disorders and oxidative-stress related chronic diseases.
The health benefits of wheat are solely dependent on the type of wheat being consumed.

Wheat grain or caryopsis is the second to rice major edible food crop. This staple food contains various tissues namely: the endosperm (filled with starch grains to give energy for germination), the embryo or germ, the pericarp and cell-walled aleurone layer (envelopes the endosperm). The bran contains the testa, pericarp, aleurone and hyaline layers.

A standard milling of wheat grains involves separating the endosperm so that the white flour can be produced from the embryo and bran layers when milled. The other bran layers, embryo and aleurone cells are often removed to form the bran fraction. While producing flour from wheat grain, germ and bran are separated as by-products. The distinctive characteristic of wheat flour is its ability to form dough thereby making it possible to be processed into various types of bread and baked food products.

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Here is a latest conversation I had about wheat:
Fan: Thanks for sharing. Wheat seems to be taboo right now with the low carb and gluten free focus. We have forgotten the healthy side of wheat.

Response: Hi, its my pleasure.
I think the word "taboo" is a bit harsh because the wider population cannot survive without wheat. The fact that some people are allergic to gluten does not imply that everyone is. Besides, scientific evidence have proven that wheat does not necessarily contribute to obesity rather on one's lifestyle and overconsumption of not only wheat but other food types. The world can barely thrive without wheat.

What do you think? What is your own take about wheat?
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