Final dCity Giveaway

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So giveaways are over after this post. Sorry guys, but voting on your own posts is worthy of brigade downvotes. I don't see the point of posting on here if you can't block assholes from ruining monetization or harassment.

I'm not going to @ anyone. No one reads this shit anyways.

1279 SIM left over for last giveaway.

Minted 10 more dCity cards and narrowly broke even! (NFT Giveaway!)
0.272 (about to pay out if I don't get downvoted more)(whatever)

dCity Graduation Day for 10x Students (Debt) - NFT Giveaway
0.276 HIVE

Minted 10 more dCity cards. Not a complete loss (contest)
0.214 HIVE

Bought 10 more 3rd edition dCity Cards and massive profits!!!!
0.288 HIVE

1.05 HIVE! Its really funny I kept saying I was going to do another giveaway when I hit 1 HIVE. I would have done this today anyways before the downvotes and the brigade.

2402 SIM + 1279 SIM = 3681 SIM

Here are the winners


/5 = 736 SIM each

Workers 117

Everyone get 6 workers!


I still think dCity is the best game on the HIVE network. I hope everyone continues to enjoy it, the devs are kicking ass with new features. I'll just keep my mintings and thoughts about the game to myself from now on. Fuck this place.


I understand you brother @ianmcg , there are some bastards who say this is to balance the reward and avoid over billing in giveways.
But that's an excuse to be a son of a bitch.
Count me in ALL giveways

Thank you @ianmcg for always being a wonderful member of the community.

It’s so unfortunate that you’re getting such a negative experience when you’re always giving such wonderful posts. I enjoyed reading all your other posts as well. Though I was firstly here because of the giveaway, I continued to stay because of your contents.

Do take care my friend and my doors will forever be open for you

How is everything holding up @ianmcg ? Hoping everything is better for you

Sorry to hear that. Appreciate all your giveaways.

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I'm sad that you had a bad experience here; the whole self-voting thing is a weird subject here on Hive...


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